Prop Tech guru Mike DelPrete has just published a case study honouring Emoov’s latest technology platform HERO2, which has rolled out over the last couple months making the online estate agency business more transparent, affordable and empowering for customers.

Mike has an extensive tech background that started at Agora Games. He founded the gaming firm that worked with the likes of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty before selling the venture to Major League Gaming by his 30th birthday.

Following a few years in New Zealand as a corporate strategist analysing investment opportunities at Trade Me, he returned to the United States and his focus became the real estate sector. Since then, he has been working with startups and property portals around the world to understand tech trends and build on various pioneering endeavours in the property industry.

It is for this reason that it is a pleasure to have Mike discuss the successes that Emoov has made on the online property sector through our unique platform.


HERO2 is the first of its kind in the estate agency business that was developed by an estate agency, for an estate agency. It took nearly four years to complete because of constant improvements with the customer in mind. Since its unveiling, more than 90% of customers do the steps using the platform, which is quicker.

Although we’re proud of HERO2, it is still essential to have a healthy mix of people and technology to run a business. But its success is crucial because it was built with the customer in mind.

Go to Inman to read Mike’s full article on how Emoov is revolutionizing the property industry.

We’re delighted that such a notable PropTech commentator as Mike DelPrete has taken the time to dig deep into our platform technology and to hold it up as something that the property industry (both online and traditional) can learn from. The key takeaway? Such technology, blended with a great team of people, is essential in a landscape of increased consumer expectation. But it’s not as easy or as cheap to build as everyone seems to think. It’s a major time and money investment and one that we’re substantially ahead on.”

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,

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