The latest research from leading online estate agent highlights the incredible property growth experienced in the boroughs used in Love Actually in 2003 and today, as the cast reunites for Red Nose Day.

Emoov calculated the percentage increase seen in each of the five boroughs used across the capital over the 14-year period.

Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Notting Hill flat in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is crowned the winner with an 188% price increase, from £466,463 to a truly regal £1,342,561 in 2017.

the Royal Borough of Kensington

It is closely followed by Hugh Grant’s Prime Ministerial bachelor pad at 10 Downing Street. Although Teresa May has taken up residence as of late, and it is likely that the home itself will never go on the market, the City of Westminster’s average property value has seen a 177% increase over 14 years from £366,519 to £1,015,855.

Venturing south of the river to the South Bank is Andrew Lincoln’s artistic warehouse conversion flat in Southwark. The borough enjoyed a 162% growth rate between the film’s release and today from £194,070 to £509,218.

Andrew Lincoln’s artistic warehouse
Martine McCutcheon’s terraced house

Staying in South London, Martine McCutcheon’s terraced house in the “dodgy” part of Wandsworth is actually in Herne Hill in Lambeth. We assume this is because there is no real dodgy part of Wandsworth, as even in 2003 the average house price was a staggering £640,000. Coincidentally both Wandsworth and Lambeth have enjoyed a 155% increase since 2003 but at

£524,605 the average house price in Lambeth is a lot more affordable than Wandsworth’s £1,633,768.

The borough of Lambeth experienced a 155% price growth averaging £205,905 in 2003 and £524,605 in 2017.

Finally, poor Colin Firth not only found his brother and fiancé cheating on him in the first film but has also enjoyed the smallest increase in property price growth since then. His flat in Turnham Green comes in last place with a mere 109% increase. The average property values in Hounslow went from £192,798 to £403,631 today. Although it is still an impressive jump, Colin’s character relocates to the South of France where there was perhaps a larger property jump to be with Aurelia.

Colin Firth

It seems that love actually is all around London when it comes to the property market.

With the cast reuniting for Red Nose Day we thought it would be interesting to see how much their fictional characters would have made since the original film was launched, due to the ever-inflating cost of the London property market.

Despite the prime central London market seeing a fall in buyer demand over the last year or so, it remains one of the most lucrative markets for those lucky enough to have bought there in the last ten to twenty years. But even the less prestigious areas of London such as Harrow and Lambeth have seen prices more than double since Love Actually first hit our screens.

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