Ahead of this Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier between England and Scotland, we’ve formulated a team sheet based on each countries property pedigree over the last season.

We looked at the percentage change in house price growth across each county/region of England and Scotland over the last year (Land Reg: March 16 to March 17). We then filled out each team with the 11 locations that have enjoyed the highest rate of price growth, along with three subs.

Interestingly, as a nation, England has far greater property pedigree with annual growth up 4.43% compared to a marginal climb of 0.66% in Scotland.

But where the top 14 chosen for the squad are concerned, the gap narrows massively with the average increase in the last 12 months hitting 6.74% in Scotland, -1.5% behind England.

On the pitch, Scotland’s squad have seen a number of the largest increases across the country and across England, with the Orkney Islands (15.28%), Western Isles(13.03%), East Dunbartonshire (10.68%) and the Shetlands (10.65%) all having seen a larger increase than England’s best player Northamptonshire (10.08%).

It may not be as close on the pitch tomorrow, but at least Scotland’s property market seems to be shaking off the recurring uncertainty of the campaigns for independence that has left many in limbo on their property sale.

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