How to Successfully Sell a Property

Jun 19, 2017

Selling your house involves far more than putting up a sign in the front yard. If you opt to work through an estate agent, you will need to contact the agent to handle the listing, paperwork, and more.  In the meantime, you can get busy preparing your home for the sale.

Getting your home in optimal shape can help increase its value and also ensure a faster sale.  If the process seems overwhelming, here are a few steps to help you get started.

Declutter without depersonalising

Stuff accumulates quickly through the years.  It’s important to clear out the clutter without compromising your home’s personality. Buyers like to see and feel what your home is like with people living in it. Your home itself is important, but the lifestyle within that home can sway potential buyers as well.

Living Room


Giving your house a fresh coat of neutral paint will help it look lighter, newer, and bigger. Buyers will appreciate knowing that they will not have to repaint the home anytime soon.

Fix and clean

Make necessary minor repairs before putting your home on the market. Fix any holes in the walls, cracked tiles, or broken drawers or doorknobs. Outside, trim the grass and bushes.  A well-kept yard is the first thing most buyers will notice.

Update the kitchen


The kitchen is a home’s single most important selling point. Renovating your kitchen gives a lot of bang for the buck. Start by refacing or replacing the kitchen cabinets and upgrading the counter tops.

Add flair

Dress your kitchen windows with curtains or blinds and put some decorations around the house. Add plants and flowers to make the home feel fresh and vibrant. A few accents can go a long way in making your home look more appealing.

Consider selling your home through an online estate agency. Estate agencies like Emoov can send representatives to take photos and get the floor plans of your home. They can design smart advertising for different search engines for both computer and mobile applications