An important part of starting a new life as newlyweds is buying a home. Buying a home is never easy and it gets more complicated when it involves a couple.  Each party will have preferences and considerations, and some degree of conflict is often inevitable. Newlyweds can navigate the complex process of home buying by getting help from property experts such as online estate agents.

The first thing that a couple must agree on is the type of house they want and the features that it should include.  Both parties need to come to an agreement about what type of dwelling they want – whether a detached house, semi-detached home, flat, etc.  They should decide on how many bedrooms, bathrooms and what to potentially compromise on.

The distance of the home from a couple’s workplaces is also a factor. Living far from work adds up to stress and commuting expenses.  A couple can strategically centre in on key areas that will result in the best commutes for both parties.

The neighbourhood is another factor to consider. Choosing a residential area that will fit the couple’s lifestyle and interests will be important. A couple may opt for a home that is close to an urban centre with restaurants, shopping and an energetic nightlife.  Or they may want to be within walking distance of a park or a sports centre, or even out in the country.

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Budget is obviously a major factor. The newlyweds need to factor in how much money they have for their down payment and then determine their budget for monthly payments. Once this important legwork has been done, they can proceed to look for their dream house within the financial range that they can afford.