Emoov’s Customer Service Cult

Jul 5, 2017
At Emoov, we are obsessed with providing the best customer service and that means doing things differently to our competitors – just one reason we’ve won awards three years in a row and are rated number one out of over 26,000 online and high street agents. For us, customer service is something we instil in our employees from the moment they join the company and sometimes our unusual methods in doing so can verge on cult-ish behaviour. Every month we hold an all hands staff meeting at Emoov Towers in Brentwood where employees come together from our offices in Brentwood, London and remotely from elsewhere around the UK and the world.
It’s a relaxed occasion for everyone to meet over some food, drinks, and of course, a presentation from our own founder and CEO Russell Quirk to keep us up to date on what is happening in the world of Emoov. However, there is one aspect that we take very seriously and that’s having all new Emoov staff present themselves in front of the company and swear allegiance to Emoov and more importantly, our promise of providing outstanding customer service. Although it might seem strange, it’s important that all new staff understand how deeply our customer service obsession runs from the very beginning and that they will be expected to uphold that belief for the entirety of their time at Emoov.
Nine new Emoovers from both offices and all tiers of the company from the ground level to management positions stood in front of the company, holding the mandatory photo of Russell while reciting the company mantra of delivering top-notch customer service to all. Now that they have been sworn in they’re ready to hit the ground running, working in the UK’s leading online estate agent whilst delivering the impeccable service that we have become famous for.