The Wandsworth Council has embarked on a £100 million housing improvement project. They want to create a supported housing scene for the city’s residents who have physical and learning disabilities. The council aims to deliver 300 low-cost homes over the next three years, as part of the Wandsworth House Offer.

The Wandsworth Council’s new developments aim to provide the city residents with better housing, transport, business opportunities and leisure pursuits. In addition to the housing program, they will be offering a do-it- yourself shared ownership setup to allow more individuals and families to purchase homes.

So far, the Council has achieved the following in Wandsworth:


  • Roehampton: The Alton Area Masterplan outlines how Roehampton will be developed over the coming years. The development of Roehampton focuses on improving the environment and residential opportunities.
  • Winstanley and York Road Estates: An exciting regeneration of the two estates is underway. The Council is working with locals to embrace ideas on how to develop the area.
  • Ram Brewery development: Plans for the redevelopment of the Ram Brewery include a shopping complex in the Southside and a new town centre library.
  • Nine Elms on the South Bank: The Council’s housing plans include the construction of hundreds of homes. The infusion of capital is quickly changing the area to a desirable, modern destination.

The Council is moving for a major refurbishment of estates. Because of the developments in Wandsworth, home prices in the area are rising faster than the rest of South West London.

Many homeowners in Wandsworth are looking to sell their houses because of the uptick in prices. Contact the best estate agent in Wandsworth if you are interested in listing your home.

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