Eight Mouthwatering Property Locations for Bake Off Buyers

Sep 1, 2017

As the Great British Bakeoff kicks off its eighth season, we took the opportunity to pair food and property to cook up our latest Bake Off property pairings and which has seen higher price growth since last season.

We compared property prices across Britain’s most mouthwatering locations with food related names, to the prices from October 2016 when season seven ended, to highlight where offers the best investment opportunity for those buying with an empty stomach.

Baked Goods

mouthwatering properties

Who said you can’t have sweets before a meal? Any list of places with food names would not be complete without carb loading deliciousness.

Topping the list for largest price value increase is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – home to the Chelsea Bun, where price tags jumped +15% from £1,217,335 to £1,405,521. Although the cost of property in this area of the capital is beyond most people’s reach, this sweet treat dating back to the 18th century remains a crowd favourite among both baking and eating enthusiasts.

Bakewell Pudding, native to Bakewell in the Derbyshire Dales has a significantly better value for money with the average property price rising +4% to £249,327 since the last season of the Great British Bakeoff finished.

It is trailed by Scotland’s Dundee, where the Dundee Cake hails from, with average property prices only jumping +1% since October 2016 from £118,283 to £119,155. Despite the lower rate of growth, the prices in Dundee are over £100,000 lower than the UK’s average of £223,257 and you get some fruit cake to go with it.


Angus beef

For the main course, the Angus beef and the Glamorgan sausage both enjoyed a +3% increase in property value, but Scotland’s Angus is the more affordable option for homebuyers with an average price of £145,127 compared to Wale’s Vale of Glamorgan’s £209,983.

Going South to Cornwall, the county that introduced us to the Cornish hen only saw a +1% increase in price from £211,862 to £214,504, and it is also the most expensive of the places with names of meats.



The enduring debate over the best cheese is finally over, at least where property is concerned. Cheddar trumps its rivals with a +5% growth rate to £215,252, the age of the cheddar is yet to be determined.

Despite Stilton’s higher price tag, the blue cheese capital of the UK only saw a +2% increase in price since last October, jumping from £242,988 to £247,628. It is followed by Bonchester cheese from the Scottish Borders, which saw a slight increase of +1% to £152,467.

Although a food related name is unlikely to sway even the most hard-core, foodie house hunter into paying a higher price, the return of a show as popular as Bake Off could certainly help your property stand out from the crowd in a busy market.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk