The latest research from Dataloft has named Slough as the best place to live in England and Wales out of 25 cities and towns based on job openings, job satisfaction, the available income and average property prices.

When looking to buy or sell a property there are often a few key influencers depending on the stage of life you find yourself in. These are, of course, work, marriage, having kids, finding a good school and eventually retiring. According to the ONS, over 1.4 million moved between different local authorities last year largely driven by one of these factors.

the best place to live and work

While these towns might be the best places to live, it doesn’t necessarily transfer to affordability where house prices are concerned. Despite the cost of getting on the ladder remaining a barrier for many, almost half of the towns and cities included in this survey have an average house price higher than the England and Wales average of £215,000. In fact, at £455,299 the average house price in Cambridge is almost on par with London.

In contrast, the income available in these 25 towns largely slumps below the national average, with just seven offering a salary above £28,353.

Slough’s property market has benefitted from the location of some big businesses such as Nintendo, 02, Oracle and Microsoft which has, in turn, stimulated the local economy improving the towns social offering in terms of restaurants and other key social draws for home buyers.

Slough might not be the first place that springs to mind when considering the best places to live in the UK, but as this research demonstrates it offers a good balance between work and personal life. While areas such as London may be the ‘place to be’, the high price of getting on the ladder can result in hours spent in daily commutes and the capital doesn’t always guarantee job satisfaction.

Despite incomes failing to keep pace with property price growth our work life is, and will always be, one of the main influencers where a property purchase is concerned. So finding that perfect balance between work and home can often mean paying out that little bit extra and many will make that financial sacrifice to ensure a better quality of life.

Although Slough is far from affordable compared to the national average, it is cheaper than London, and the market is likely to continue its consistent rate of growth due to the number of high profile companies located in and around the area. This big business will also bring additional income to the economy through its employees and this is all good news for local home and business owners.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,

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