Selling a house can be one of the most significant endeavours in life. Aside from the financial investment, there is a big emotional investment, too.  If you feel the tension mounting, take a step back and consider these tips:

Go for a walk

If you find yourself continually stressed out, try increasing your exercise—preferably in the great outdoors.  Taking a brisk walk in the outside air can remind you that there is life outside of your own.  It can clear your head and release balancing endorphins.

Look at the bigger picture

A house is a life-long investment. The stresses that you are experiencing today will be short-lived in the grand scheme of things. This too shall pass.

Delay or re-strategise

If the process feels off, there is nothing wrong with delaying your sell or re-strategizing.  You can regroup and try a different selling plan.

Selling a house is tricky because you don’t have control of the market. You can smooth your path by researching pricing points.  Make sure that you are in a competitive range.  If you need to sell quickly, you might consider selling low so that you can get rid of the property faster.


Selling a home often takes longer than expected, so inhale and prepare yourself for a potentially long haul. There is no use fretting over the sale.  When you have done all of the necessary legwork, sit back and let things run their course.

Selling a house doesn’t happen overnight, so be prepared with all the patience you can muster.  Focus on maintaining a balanced life while you wait out the process.  You may want to sell your property online, a tactic that often gets a quicker response than traditional measures.

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