How to reduce stress when moving house

Oct 31, 2017

It’s almost inevitable that the moving process is going to be stressful, as it’s often considered one of life’s biggest stress factors.

Luckily, we have some tips that can help make an already hectic experience a little more exciting.

Here are some tips that can help with the big move:

Find the right estate agent

Alongside being stressful, moving is also costly, but both stress and cost can be reigned in with a good estate agent on your side. It goes without saying that an estate agent should be transparent, customer-focused and cost-effective, making the process that much easier. Deciding how to choose an estate agent can be as simple as looking for good reviews online.  

Be ahead of the game

Preparing for all the steps that come along with moving is an excellent way to reduce stress because you won’t scramble to find the right solicitor, you will understand the mortgage process and you will have already lined up a conveyancer.

If all of these decisions are already made, you know that you will be working with people that you trust, instead of just someone that you had to find last minute. It will also ensure that the process can run smoothly from step to step until completion.

Think about delaying the move

Maybe the timing isn’t right, and moving house can wait until things are more relaxed in order to prepare for a smoother move. Scrambling throughout the moving process could make it more stressful and you may not be happy with where you move to. Taking your time and making sure that it’s the right time is crucial in the moving process.

Go for a walk

If you find yourself continually stressed out, try increasing your exercise routine preferably in the great outdoors. Taking a brisk walk in fresh air can remind you that there is life outside of your property sale.

Look at the bigger picture

A house is a life-long investment. The stresses that you are experiencing today will be short-lived in the grand scheme of things. This too shall pass.

Maybe you’re upsizing, or moving into the first place that you own – the reason for the move is likely for the best and it’s only a small process to get you to something better.

The selling process doesn’t happen overnight, so be prepared with all the patience you can muster.  Focus on maintaining a balanced life while you wait out the process. You may want to sell your property online, a tactic that often gets a quicker response than traditional measures.