With a petition to ban fireworks for public use gaining thousands of signatures, back yard displays could soon be a thing of the past. So in anticipation for Guy Fawkes night,we highlighted where across London, England and Wales you can buy next to an impressive public display, for less than the wider average (and where it costs more).


Starting in the capital, a number of firework display destinations are of better value than the average of the borough.

Southwark Park, Southwark: £386,026, -26% Cheaper

Property surrounding this park comes at an incredible value compared to both the borough (£523,425) and the city’s average (£484,362). The price difference between property near the park and the entire borough of Southwark is a gap of 26%.

Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith and Fulham: £728,409, -8% Cheaper

If you’re looking for a truly top end fireworks night, Ravenscourt Park is the place to buy. Property surrounding this park is -8% less expensive than the average house price in Hammersmith and Fulham’s (£794,914), but because of its close proximity to central London, the prices in this area are well above the city’s average of £484,362

Richmond Athletics Ground, Richmond: £681,217, -1%

While Richmond is far from affordable, it is popular amongst families and although a property around the home of its fireworks display is just -1% cheaper than the borough average, that’s a saving of over £5,000.

It’s not all oo’s and ahh’s for firework adjacent home buyers though. Property by Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets, Alexandra Palace in Haringey and in Wandsworth’s Battersea Park are well above the borough averages, 15%, 26% and 29% respectively.

England & Wales

Across the England and Wales, some of the most epic firework shows are situated in areas where property is still affordable when compared to the local average.

Stoke Park, Guildford: £400,047, -13% Cheaper

Although Surrey’s average property price is keeping within reach of nearby London, buying property surrounding Stoke Park (£400,047) in is -13% less expensive than Guildford as a whole (£459,246).

Newquay Sports & Community Centre, Cornwall: £195,729, -11%

Property close to the community centre where Guy Fawkes fireworks go off every year in Newquay is -11% less expensive than Cornwall as a whole (£220,532).

Heaton Park, Manchester: £155,347, -7%

Prices are only slightly lower in Manchester’s Heaton Park (-7%) than the city’s average. However both Heaton Park and Manchester are both very affordable with prices averaging at £155,347 and £166,982.

On the other side of the coin, firework property giving homeowners front row seats to the show can also be a lot more expensive than the city’s average. Prices in Cardiff’s Castle Green are 52% higher than they are across the city, Roundhay Park is 32% higher than the average in Leeds and Jesmond Cricket Club in Newcastle boasts property values 19% higher than the city’s average.

As we gear up for 5th November, many of us will be attending a public fireworks display to avoid the disappointment of the back garden bust. While it’s unlikely that public fireworks will drive a buyer’s decision, this research demonstrates that regardless of what you are looking for in a home, a thorough search across multiple areas can save you thousands.”

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk

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