Our latest research highlights where across the UK offers the most affordable options for getting on the ladder, with the smallest gender pay gap.

Using ASHE data from the Office for National Statistics, we looked at the median* pay gap for all workers across England, Scotland and Wales in relation to the average house price for each area.

Best Buy for Gender Equal Pay

Hyndburn in Lancashire is the best place to buy for an affordable property price and equal pay in the workplace. Not only is the average house price in the area just £93,486, but the gender pay gap is just 0.2, meaning women earn just 0.2% less than men.

While the London borough of Hackney also provides a fairly level playing field for both men and women in terms of pay with just a 1% difference, the average house price of £589,748 makes it far from affordable.

But Gwynedd (1.4) and Denbighshire (1.5) in Wales, also offer a small gender pay gap with average house prices at just £150,513 and £145,985 respectively.

There are just four areas across the UK where women make more than men, Eastbourne (-2.2), Bury (-2.5), Adur (-3.2) and West Somerset (-5.3).

Bury is by far the most affordable with an average house price of £169,370, followed by West Somerset (£218,857), Eastbourne (£243,081) and Adur (£316,442).

In contrast, the largest pay gap across the nation is in Copeland where property may be an affordable £123,042, but men are paid 40.1 times more than women.

The gap in pay between genders is quite frankly staggering and perhaps the obstacle of homeownership for many young couples would reduce in size, if both were being paid at an equal rate.

Although there are pockets across the UK where the gap is far fairer and the price of property more obtainable, this will do little to comfort those in areas where equal pay is as far from reality as owning your own home.

Lucy Milne

CMO, Emoov.co.uk

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