Tis the season for lights to brighten up homes both inside and out. As a result, our latest research highlights how extravagant Christmas lights could deter people from buying a property during the festive period.

-51% of Britons would be deterred from buying a property that is coated in excessive Christmas lights and decorations

-Tacky Christmas lights on several houses on the street dissuades 52% of home buyers

-A chimney would not impact the sale of a property for 80% of people

-68% of people are turned off from buying a home with neighbours that play loud Christmas music

We surveyed over 1000 people on their views around Christmas lights, music and carol singers and how it would impact their opinion of a property during the viewing process.

Q1: Would an excessive number of Christmas lights deter you from a property during the viewing process?

The research found that 51% of potential home buyers would be discouraged from a property because of excessive Christmas lights, 28% if the lights were tacky and a further 23% from any Christmas lights, regardless of how tasteful.

Q2: Would you be less likely to buy a property on a street where the majority of homes had an excessive amount of Christmas lights?

Similarly, 52% of people stated that an excessive arrangements of lights on numerous houses on a street would deter them from buying a property. This time 23% stated they would be put off if they were naff, with 29% really not feeling the Christmas spirit being put off by any kind of Christmas lights in a neighbourhood.

Q3: Would a neighbour that plays Christmas songs deter you from buying a property?

Most people have either a love or hate relationship when it comes to Christmas music. But in this case it’s more hate with 62% of viewers being deterred by neighbours playing Christmas music, 32% full stop, with 30% not standing for it before November 1st, perhaps understandably if before Halloween.

Q4: Would a property with no chimney deter you from buying a house?

The magic of Christmas is well and truly dead for 80% of people who wouldn’t care if a property had no chimney during the home viewing process. This could cause widespread disappointment on Christmas morning when there is nothing under the tree from Father Christmas because he had no way into the house.

Q5: Would frequent carol singers deter you from buying in an area?

But there is still some hope of Christmas spirit across the nation and while home viewers may find Christmas music, lights and a visit from Santa a turn off, the tradition of carol singing would only deter 23% of people from buying a property.

Slightly disheartening that so many Scrooge-esque buyers would be put off by Christmas lights or music when viewing a property and this may be because they act as a wider indicator of the inner aesthetics of the property and even the type of neighbourhood, particularly if they happen to be slightly tacky.

Perhaps it’s a deeper influence than aesthetic appeal alone. The market always endures a period of seasonal hibernation in the run up to the festive season and those in the initial phase of their home search may be subconsciously deterred from a sale upon seeing Christmas lights, as it draws their focus towards the more pressing matters that come at this time of year.

Regardless, it would seem that less is more when expressing your inner Santa this Christmas while trying to secure a buyer for your property, bah humbug indeed.

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO , Emoov.co.uk

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