At Emoov, we pride ourselves on being a family company and so it is with a very heavy heart that we announce a member of that family, Howard Quirk father of our CEO Russell, has passed away last week aged 71.

Howard and Russell are two in a long line of the Quirk family to have pioneered the estate agency industry during their time.

It is from Howard and his grandfather before him that Russell learnt his trade as an estate agent and ultimately decided to change the industry for the better through Emoov while maintaining the close-knit, family feel at the very core of the company.

But Howard was way ahead of Russell where influencing estate agency is concerned and contributed to the property industry significantly during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s as senior partner in the family’s Essex estate agency business, Quirk and Partners.

In 1999 Howard also co-founded Russell’s previous high street estate agency business, Quirk Deakin, with Russell and his cousin Anthony Quirk, which they grew to five Essex branches over the subsequent decade.

The original Quirk and Partners estate agency business was formed by Howard’s father, Albert Quirk a surveyor, in the 1950’s and grew to be a significant entity with branches in Billericay, Chelmsford, Canvey Island, Wickford, Loughton, Rayleigh, Grays, Benfleet, Basildon.

In effect, it was the precursor to the Emoov business and that of Russell cousins’ branches of Quirks estate agents in Billericay and Wickford (Simon Quirk); and Anthony Quirk & Co at Canvey Island (Anthony Quirk, a continuation of the former Quirk Deakin).

Additionally, countless current Essex estate agency businesses exist because their founders began their careers with Quirk and Partners with Howard and his father and brothers, Roger and Douglas, at the helm.

Church and Hawes, John Cottis & Co, Chesters, Brown and Brand, Chandler Martin… they are all companies that exist today and that can cite Howard Quirk as part of their original DNA.

Independent businesses employ the majority of the UK workforce and if it were not for pioneers and businessmen like my father, taking risks and implementing great ideas as they do, then our country would literally be a much poorer place.

Howard was a true gentleman and big of heart, which our family only became truly aware of this weekend after a whole host of Facebook posts from people all over the county who knew him in one form or another.

He certainly wasn’t your typical estate agent back in the day! He was an immensely kind man and very well respected indeed. We will all miss him dearly.

The Quirks are a family business dynasty indeed and my generation of the family owe my father and our grandfather a huge debt in so far as our entrepreneurial education. Indeed, you could say that the ‘young Quirks’ had little choice but to be indoctrinated into the estate agency profession.

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO ,

Living in Billericay for most of his life, Howard was also a former Basildon councillor having served in the 1970’s. His father Albert was also a Basildon councillor and chaired the Planning Committee in the 1950’s, something Russell also did at Brentwood Council in 2008/9.

Howard is survived by his wife Linda, Russell, his daughter Joanne and his sons Ross and Bradley.

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