The Emoovment is Here!

Jan 11, 2018

It is a new year and we have a new brand!

There have been some big changes at Emoov and it is time for us to show off our new look. After many great years, we’ve shed our blue and pink for a more vibrant yellow and grey. But don’t be fooled, we’re still the UK’s No.1 Hybrid Estate Agent.

We’ve rebranded to make it easier for our customers to sell their homes and have updated the functionality of our technology platform ‘Your Account’ to improve its efficiency.

We’ve started a movement, an Emoovment. It is taking over the UK by offering a better way to sell your home.

The Emoovment is about revolting. We believe in putting the customer first in a transparent way and empowering homeowners to save thousands on the sale of their home.

As a Hybrid Estate Agent, we take all the best parts of traditional agents and then improve it with 24/7 access to Your Account online and excellent customer service. We seek to evolve the industry with our Emoovment.

The changes in on our technology platform include:

  1. The navigation menu in ‘Your Account’ has moved to the header, making it easier to access each section:
The Emoovment is Here!

Customers can still move between each section in a similar way to before by clicking on the section title and selecting an option from the dropdown menu.

2. We have added a six step process for the property sale:

The Emoovment is Here!

In the past, customers could only see what stage the sale had reached, but now this latest feature allows customers to see how many stages are left before the completion of the sale.

This gives our customers a clearer idea of when the end is in sight.

The rest of the sections in ‘Your Account’ have been given a face lift with our new brand colours but the functionality remains the same.

We are also taking over the airwaves and television screens to spread the word about the Emoovment. As a valued member of the Emoovment, we wanted you to see our brand new advert first.

Join us. Join the Emoovment.