Our own Russell Quirk is busy hitting the airwaves and spreading the word of the Emoovment…

Last night, Russell joined Clive Bull on LBC’s nighttime show The Property Hour to give advice on all things property.

Over the hour, Russell gave advice to a gentleman about extending a 76 year lease, while having to pay £10,000 with a ground rent doubling every two years. This is a complicated situation because a company knows that the property won’t be sold without an extension on the lease, and as the end of the lease nears, the land owner usually charges a lot more money.

Another caller said that their house was on the market for months with two different agents and there was still no offers, Naturally, we would advise to use Emoov to a sell a home because of our stellar selling statistics, but in this case, Russell advised that the homeowner lower the price instead of being discouraged.

Listen Up: Russell’s on the Radio

A rather pessimistic text came in predicting the ‘worst property price crash in history within two years,’ only to be shutdown by Russell with ONS data showing that home ownership is at its most affordable for ten years. Please be reassured, there is no property crash coming in the UK.

But, this isn’t his last debut on the radio this week.

Stay tuned this evening on Phoenix FM to hear Russell and his co-guest Rozalla chat some more about property, and if we’re lucky, we may hear a tune or two.

Lastly, check out Talk Radio next Monday with Julia Hartley-Brewer between 6-9 in the morning to hear Russell’s insight on current events.

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