With Pancake Day coming up on Tuesday, we are highlighting the 17 streets in England where people who love pancakes can buy property and unite in a neighbourhood with other crepe enthusiasts.

We have found a number of pancake related property options for aspirational buyers with a sweet tooth. However with an average price of £350k, they will have to pay a pancake premium of 24% more than the average house price across England.

The 5 Most Affordable:

Blueberry Avenue, Manchester

Average Price on Street: £100,695

Topping the list with the most affordable price tag, look to Blueberry Avenue where there is an average property price of £110,695. Any pancake aficionado knows that adding blueberries to pancakes is both a healthy and appetising treat, especially when it costs £181,189 less than England’s average.

Cream Street, Sheffield

Average Price on Street: £118,319

A pancake is never complete without delicious condiments. Cream Street in Sheffield is the second most affordable street with an average value of £118,319.

Lemon Grove, Bordon (Hampshire)

Average Price on Street: £127,000

Keeping with the theme of pancake toppings, Lemon Grove follows with an average property price of £127,000.

Shrove Pass, Gateshead (Tyne & Wear)

Average Price on Street: £146,500

With price jumping up slightly, Shrove Pass in Tyne and Wear has an average property price of £146,500, but still well below the English average.

Cocoa Yard, Nantwich (Cheshire)

Average Price on Street: £182,065

The perfect compromise for both chocolate and pancake lovers is Cocoa Yard in Cheshire, which averages £182,065 for property.

The 5 Most Expensive:

Honey Bottom, Newbury (West Berkshire)

Average Price on Street: £970,415

There are also options for the more premium crepe loving crowd. Honey Bottom in Newbury offers the most expensive property values at an average of £970,415, which is almost triple that of Newbury (£391,839).

Sugar Lane, Macclesfield (Cheshire)

Average Price on Street: £860,651

Honey Bottom is followed by Sugar Lane, with a not-so-sweet average property price of £860,651.

Fruitlands, Eynsham (West Oxfordshire)

Average Price on Street: £548,7730

At a much lower price and healthier topping is Eynsham’s Fruitlands, where the average property value sits at £548,730.

Strawberry Valley, Dartmouth (Devon)

Average Price on Street: £455,586

Staying in the fruit family, Strawberry Valley in Dartmouth has a £455,586 average property price.

Pancake Lane, Gloucester

Average Price on Street: £422,519

Finally comes Gloucester’s Pancake Lane, which is the ultimate crepe lover’s street name. At a much lower cost than Honey Bottom and just over £300k higher than Blueberry Avenue, Pancake Lane has an average property value of £422,519.

Who knew that there were so many streets across England with names associated with Pancake Day? Although it’s unlikely anyone would invest in a property solely because of their love for pancakes, those that are thinking about it would have to pay 24% more than the average house price in England.

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO , Emoov.co.uk

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