With Mother’s Day only a few days away, we have looked at alternative flower arrangements that will show your mum how much you love her and help brighten up your home at the same time as winter (finally) transitions into spring.

We caught up with Bromley based florist Jo Lines of J.S. Flower Company about what seasonal trends are in fashion this year to add colour and life in a home, without having to rely on the generic bouquets down the road at the petrol shop.

For the scent alone, having flowers in a home is never going to be a bad idea and the very scented Freesias are in season this month. But besides being a great gift for mum, flowers also add a splash of colour without having to worry too much about the decor in a room and can help your home stand out during the viewings process if you are looking to sell.

Go Wild

For a more natural look, using various tones and textures in an arrangement is crucial. A wild flower bouquet would typically stay seasonal in flower and foliage selection. This style of arrangement is perfect for any room because it can be a central focus and has no specific order. It can be erratic yet still beautiful. It seems more personalised and looks as though it is freshly picked from the back garden.

Mix It Up

Keeping with a wilder theme, one of Jo’s suggested arrangements to liven up a home requires all sorts of colours and flowers. This vibrant bouquet is sure to be the central focus of a room and will instantly brighten up a mood.

Go Green

For those without much of a green thumb, plants, cactuses, small trees and succulents require less maintenance and still have the desired effect of adding something living in a house. A little greenery is never a bad idea, as a number of flower arrangements have greenery to add colour and bulk up a bouquet.

Go for Wreaths

Going for a wreath is a more original idea that still offers fresh flowers but with a different presentation. The front door of a home is instantly more welcoming and pleasant with a wreath at the entrance.

A centrepiece for a candle is another one of Jo’s designs in a small wreath formation would be perfect for a coffee table or a kitchen table. Although the flowers aren’t entirely the focus, it adds a little bit of life to a room.

Go Traditional

Finally, don’t underestimate going down the traditional route. A full bouquet of roses or tulips is always an excellent option, either in all one colour or some different tones. Imagine them as a centrepiece on a table, a splash of colour on a windowsill or on a bedside table. Staying with greens and softer colours, such as white or light pink will create a calmer vibe.

Taking the time to get a hand-crafted bouquet instead of a pre-made one from the local supermarket is a simple but effective way of showing your appreciation this Mother’s Day.

We’re lucky to have access to so many wonderful flowers in the UK and as with food, it is important to buy based on what’s in season to ensure you get the best flowers available. This also means your flowers will vary throughout the year and bring a touch of seasonal style to your home at the same time.

Jo Lines

Florist, J.S. Flower Company

If your home is on the market this Mother’s Day then going that little bit further with your flowers will not only make your mum feel special, but could also aid your sale. While a nice set of flowers alone won’t sell your property, it is these understated touches that can help a buyer view your house as a home without putting them off with any over the top personal tastes.

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO , Emoov.co.uk

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