Ever wanted to win yourself a four-bedroom and three-bathroom house in Northampton, fully equipped with a state of the art kitchen, three reception rooms, a study, a utility room, a back garden, an exposed brick fireplace and heated floors, all for £5?

Well now you might just have the chance.

The competition has been set up by longtime healthcare professional Marty Pumbien who noticed the lack of services, care and funding available to older people in his community. As a result, he teamed up with the University of Northampton and Emoov to raise awareness and money for Dementia Research.

Marty, his partner and their dog Stumpy are moving to a small plot of land close to the existing house where they are building their new home. The plan is to continue to invest in houses and host competitions to continue raising money for those suffering from dementia since there is so little funding.

The elderly community is the group of people that stand out the most in terms of being overlooked in funding and services, and I feel that if I am able to help, then I will do so in whatever way I can. It is for this reason that I decided to sell my home via a competition as not only will someone else be able to enjoy the house, but I’ll be able to raise a meaningful amount of money and awareness for a cause very close to my heart

Marty Pumbien


We’re delighted to be able to help Marty by generating more awareness and advertising footfall for his competition and at the same time raise awareness for a very worthy charitable cause and hopefully a lot of money as well.

With the ever-increasing issue of affordability for many where homeownership is concerned, house competitions are becoming more and more popular. If the format helps someone to successfully move from their property and at the same time gives someone else a foot on the ladder who would otherwise struggle, all while raising money for a great cause, then why not!

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO , Emoov.co.uk

The competition kicks off on 10th April 2018 at 3pm and will be running until 14th October this year.

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