It’s that time of year again – the London Marathon is upon us!

In anticipation of the capital’s most exciting annual running event, we’ve priced some of the main areas of London where participants will run through on Sunday. With the average London house price now at £471,986, those running will cover a property price of £18,015 for every mile they run!

Not surprisingly, the most expensive property prices are found towards the finish line. At mile marker 26, St. James Park enjoys the most expensive property at £1,846,907, followed closely by Embankment at mile marker 25 with £1,308,567. However, unlike St James Park that only had a 0.2% jump in prices since last year’s marathon, Embankment has enjoyed a 5.5% annual increase.

Moving away from Prime Central London, prices predictably hit a more affordable level. Woolwich at mile marker 4, has the lowest average price across the route at £378,205 with a 3.9% increase in value since last April.

Staying below London’s average, prices in Charlton (mile 2), are £453,224 (0.6%), followed by Deptford (mile 8) at £462,602 (2.4%) and Shadwell (mile 22) at £470,707 (2.2%).

Although the majority of the areas included in the event increased in property value over the past year, Monument and the City of London suffered an eye-watering loss of -7.6%, and Bermondsey also dropped a slight -0.3 %.

However, the rest of the areas have more positive growth figures. Embankment enjoyed the highest increase in value at 5.5%, trailed by Woolwich with a 3.9% increase. It is an interesting contrast as Embankment has the second most expensive property prices on the route, while Woolwich has by far the most affordable.

Emoov's London property marathon 2018

There is a three-way tie between Limehouse (mile 21), Canary Wharf (mile 19) and the Isle of Dogs (mile 16) with a 3.3% increase in property values, all with average prices of £531,874, £530,035, and £510,611, respectively.

So if you’re looking to buy in an area along the marathon route with an affordable price tag, Woolwich is the winner of this year’s London Property Marathon.


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