Emoov’s refer-a-friend programme

Oct 8, 2018

What would you do with a £100 Amazon voucher?

What if you and a friend could get one each?

Our refer-a-friend programme could make this a reality. The process is quite simple – refer your friends and family who are looking to sell their homes to Emoov, and when the sign up with us, both of you can start shopping!

We offer a better way to sell your home, and we want to share our great service that will save homeowners thousands across the UK.

Join the Emoovment.

Here’s how to refer-a-friend

When you use our refer-a-friend programme to refer Emoov to a friend or get referred to Emoov by a friend, both of you could receive a £100 Amazon voucher.

The process is simple. If you have a friend who wants to sell their home, you can go onto the Emoov website to our refer-a-friend page here to sign up using your name and email. You’ll then get a link that you can share via email or different social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook, to your friends who are thinking of selling their property.

Once your friend receives the link, they simply need to follow the process by instructing with us in our Fixed Fee Saver package. After they have instructed with us on this package only, your voucher will be valid to redeem following a 21-day grace period from the day that your friend instructed with Emoov.

Once all the steps are validated, the vouchers will be sent to you and your friend through your emails, so make sure that you sign up with the right one!

It’s important that they use the exact link that you send, otherwise, the vouchers won’t be valid.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!