How to maximise a small space

Oct 29, 2018

With people having to live in more compact spaces, especially those in cities, knowing how to utilise the space in your home is important.

Ranging from smart colour choices, to savvy storage to clever optical illusions, we have put together a list of tips that will be sure to enhance and enlarge a space without compromising on the things that you love in your home.

Goodbye clutter

The first step is always to get rid of clutter before trying to organise a space. This will help you to get organised, if you haven’t already using a small amount of space to your advantage. Too many items in one small area make things look out of order and will make a room look like a storage cabinet, so sell, recycle or chuck anything you don’t need.

Multi-purpose furniture

Doubling furniture with storage is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds without having to overload a room. A good example is a sofa that sits atop a bookshelf, using the lost space that would have otherwise only been for the legs of the piece.

You can have shelving units that also have hooks below or on the side to hang items. Investing in a bed with storage options below it is another clever way to keep things organised.

Rather than also buying and using space up for a bookshelf, one piece of furniture kills two birds with one stone.  

Strategic colour choices

Creating the illusion that a space is larger than it appears is simple with the right colour palate. Taking to lighter colours can enlarge a room, especially when you use a contrast in the furniture –  a soft white or cream with a few black accents is a perfect start.

Having lighter colours in the room makes it feel more open and airy when paired with good lighting. Whether the room is filled with natural light or lamps throughout, floods of light will make it feel bigger.

Build up

Going vertical will solve a number of storage problems because you can use the space going up and leave more room on the floor. This extends into wall shelving, hooks, stackable storage containers and hanging bike racks.

Having shelving that’s a part of the wall make it easy to store books, records, picture frames, and anything else that you want to display but keep out of the way at the same time..

Even in the kitchen, wall storage works wonders in showing off nice cookbooks, pots and pans, spoons, extra culinary accessories and even those special olive oils and salts.

Working with a small area doesn’t have to be a concern and with so many solutions available, a little bit of creativity can go a long way.