Five frighteningly affordable places for Halloween home buyers

Oct 30, 2018

With Halloween upon us, we looked at property prices in five haunted areas across England and highlighted where to invest in an affordable property in order to live with supernatural activity.  

Horncastle, Lincolnshire: £208,162

For those looking to indulge themselves with ghosts and goblins of various levels all the time, Horncastle has been named as a contender for England’s most haunted town. There is an annual Halloween ghost walk where a historian divulges the good, the bad and the ugly about Horncastle haunted scene.  

The average price tag here is also well below England’s average and would be considered good value for any ghost-hunter looking to own property in an area with some spooky mystique.

Hull, Yorkshire: £138,972

The best supernatural bargain on the list is Hull – home to the Bramston Drain, which is the location where there have been several sightings of a man-beast fusion.

Not only would you have the privilege of having a half-man, half-beast as your neighbour, you would also be saving a lot of money on the cost of your home because of Hull’s average property costs £138,972, which is a steal compared to the English average of £248,611.

The Bramston Drain, Hull Yorkshire

The Jamaica Inn, Launceston Cornwall

Wharram Percy in North Yorkshire

Launceston, Cornwall: £210,808

Home to one of the country’s most haunted pubs, the Jamaica Inn is known to have a resident ghost who is believed to have been a man at the pub that was found murdered and was never solved. There is also the sound of hooves on pavement that can be heard in the middle of the night.

Investing in property near the pub would allow for seekers of the paranormal to enjoy the ghost stories associated with the building and its extensive history for  £210,808, still a few thousand in savings from England’s average house price.

Stafford, West Midlands: £222,267

The large wooded area of Cannock Chase on the fringe of Stafford is where homeowners could have front row seats in the comfort of their own gardens to some howls when a full moon comes out. Werewolf enthusiasts can move to Stafford in the West Midlands, where property comes in slightly below England’s average.

Malton, Yorkshire: £222,564

There is a  medieval village in North Yorkshire called Wharram Percy that remains deserted to this day, likely for fear of vampires. Just outside the town, 17 mutilated bodies were found buried – it’s unclear whether vampires did feast on them, or if there is another explanation. Either way, Wharram Percy’s property value is below the English average and would allow for those who are thirsty of the supernatural to live among a little bit of bloody history.

For those that enjoy some paranormal activity, these bargain areas are the perfect place to look when getting on the property ladder at a lower cost with some potential additional house guests.

Whether these spooky accounts are true or false, these areas are known to have something supernatural about them and are an attractive destination to buy for anyone interested in ghost stories of any kind.

Russell Quirk

Founder and CEO ,