emoov Offers Stranded House Network Customers a Safety Net

Apr 17, 2019

London April 17 | emoov is offering House Network customers affected by House Network’s collapse a free service on emoov.

Naveen Jaspal, CEO of emoov said, “Any House Network customer who paid to sell their home but have not yet secured a sale can list for free with emoov.”

emoov was acquired by Mashroom in January 2019 and successfully relaunched under new management. “In late January our team stepped in and rescued emoov. At the beginning we focussed our efforts on assisting and listing former customers. We created an even easier stress free, streamlined way to relist a property.

We would like to extend that same level of support to former House Network customers and help them to quickly get back on the market. We completely understand the situation House Network customers have found themselves in and our experienced team is here to offer a free safety net.”

House Network customers can call the emoov number on 03333002526 which is open 24 hours per day and have until 31st of May to take up the free service offer.