44% of Britons Would Pay More for a Banksy House

Sep 28, 2017

Our latest research highlights that 44% of homeowners would pay more money for a piece of property tagged with Banksy art. Some would commonly pay more than 5% of the property’s value, while others up to 30%.

We show where Banksy enthusiasts could shop for property on streets of London with the artist’s famous paintings for an affordable price, often below the borough’s average.

Essex Road, Islington: £350,000

Banksy tesco Essex road IslingtonLondon’s most affordable street to live near a Banksy is Islington’s Essex Road, where a painting of kids flying a Tesco bag as a flag can be spotted. Although the bag has been painted over with “King Robbo,” the street can still enjoy a Banksy at a more affordable price than property in the borough as a whole, which has an average price tag of £779,899.

Islington also houses a couple more paintings from the artist at a higher price point: a helicopter on Old Street (£640,000) and a more eerie painting with a small girl being abducted by a cash machine on Rosebery Avenue (£1,082,000).

Chrisp Street, Tower Hamlets: £412,857

The location of a piece with a cartoon remarking: “oh no… my tap’s been phoned” over a white brick wall near the market also comes at a bargain well below the borough average (£514,570) and London’s average (£623,154).

Stoke Newington Church Street, Hackney: £519,000

A caricature of the Royal Family lays here that is nearly painted over with black on the side of a building. This street offers a less expensive option in comparison to the average price across the borough (£600,540).

A pricier alternative in the neighbourhood is the beer garden at the Cargo Club on Rivington Street, where potential homebuyers will pay out an average of £913,334. Although the club itself is not for residential use, buyers can invest just outside of the venue’s perimeters to be closer to a Banksy.

Chiswell Street & Tooley Street, Southwark: £537,850 & £540,000

Chiswell Street & Tooley Street, Southwark BanksySome artwork of Banksy’s famous rats is located on both streets, which share a similar price range for homebuyers and are also well below the borough’s average price of £751,146.

For those looking to live closer to a larger Banksy piece in Southwark of a fishing child, the Bermondsey Wall West offers property that averages at £1,575,000.

Cambridge Gardens, Kensington and Chelsea: £694,975

Moving to west London, a great bargain right off of Portobello Road is available close to a Banksy of a man painting. The price is right when compared to the average across of the borough (£2,293,421).

Bruton Street, City of Westminster: £1,865,500

For high rollers, the prices are heftier in Mayfair and this particular Banksy piece of a shopper falling down along a tall building is on a street that has a much higher price than the borough average of £1,161,079. It is by far the most expensive street in London to live close to a Banksy.

However, there are alternatives for Banksy fans looking outside of the capital because Bristol is coated with the artist’s street art and has a more affordable average price tag of £295,772. Cheltenham is also home to a Banksy piece depicting a spy booth, where property averages £323,938.

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