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Britain's most expensive streets Dec 14, 2015 by eMoov

With the average house price sold in the last five years topping £8,006,000, Victoria Road in West London’s Kensington, has been rightly crowned the most expensive street in the UK. Just a stones throw away from Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and...

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UK's Most Festive Homes - Fantastic Christmas Lights Dec 04, 2015 by Irini Sala

In the midst of the winter darkness Christmas strikes us as a glimmer of comfort to get us through the cold (and the lockdown). Households across the nation light up their homes like Christmas trees, which are tastefully (open to...

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What factors matter most when selling a property? Buyer vs Seller Nov 13, 2015 by eMoov

When it comes to buying and selling a property, sellers are also often buyers and vice-versa. So you would be forgiven for thinking the factors each place the most importance on when buying and selling a property, would be the same. emoov surveyed over...

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You can switch your energy supplier or bank – why not your estate agent? Nov 06, 2015 by eMoov

At emoov we’re passionate about putting our customers first but unfortunately the high street sector, for the large part, doesn’t share this passion. Luckily we aren’t alone and our friends at the HomeOwners Alliance are also on hand to help, if you feel...

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Famous TV Property Floorplans Oct 05, 2015 by eMoov

Despite the hours we dedicate to watching our favourite TV shows, the layout of the properties resided in by the stars, are often left to our imagination, largely due to restrictive sets and a clever edit. But no more, as one creative artist, Inaki Aliste...

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