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How do house removals work during Covid-19? Jun 23, 2020 by Simon Banks

Exciting times await as you get ready to move home. You’ve exchanged contracts and packed up all of your times. Now you just need some help moving out of your old place and into your new one. However, with the current Covid-19 uncertainties,...

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How to Enjoy the Ultimate Summer Staycation Mar 30, 2020 by Simon Banks

Summer is well and truly here, but with the Government advising against all but essential travel, perhaps a staycation is the best type of holiday for 2020. Coronavirus and lockdown have kept us all inside for the last few months. But with our top tips, there’s no...

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Will the Coronavirus Start a Worldwide Recession? Feb 28, 2020 by Simon Banks

Crisis management. Two words that will be familiar with most people, whether as individuals trying to right previous wrongs, or as part of a company looking at ways to mitigate a professional issue. Yet, when the entire planet goes into crisis management...

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Fastest Broadband Hotspots in the UK Feb 12, 2020 by Simon Banks

We have come a long way since the infuriating days of dial-up. Broadband means there’s no longer the need to wait patiently while listening to that excruciating screeching noise as your modem takes you the AOL homepage. These days, the average internet...

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The Brexit Boom in the UK Housing Market Feb 12, 2020 by Irini Sala

Well, it happened. After more than three long years, the United Kingdom ended its ties with the European Union. No matter which way you voted, now is a time to look to the future. Onwards and upwards, as they say. And upwards seems to be the keyword. At...

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