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Everything you need to know about house flipping Jun 21, 2021 by Alan Aksenenko

Property as a means of investment is an attractive prospect, especially given the numerous options and methods available to do so. One of those is house flipping, which involves purchasing revenue-generating assets. This, in short, involves buying a property below market value, renovating it, and selling it at a higher price, all within a short timeframe (usually a couple of months).

Resources for house buyers
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What to do if you can’t pay your mortgage (mortgage arrears) Jun 21, 2021 by Alan Aksenenko

You hear loads about the American Dream, but no one really talks about the British dream, if there is such a thing. However, should marketing gurus up and down the land strategise a set of actions that relate to following some kind of British Dream, owning bricks and mortar would be at the very top (closely followed by unlimited access to tea). 

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Everything you need to know about mortgage lending criteria Jun 21, 2021 by Alan Aksenenko

When it comes to buying a house, you will probably go ahead with the payment through a mortgage deal. Although a very helpful and valuable financial tool, which enables those who aren’t able to purchase a property outright to do so over a fixed term, it is not accessible to everyone.

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What Does a House Valuation Take Into Account? Jun 07, 2021 by Giorgia Kenny Resources for house sellers
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Your Guide to 95% Mortgages Jun 07, 2021 by Georgie Kenny Mortgages