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A picture of a bedroom
Decorating Your Bedroom Cheaply Jun 07, 2021 by George Kenny

It can seem a little daunting decorating with a small budget, but it is definitely possible to create a beautiful space for yourself without spending a fortune. So if you’re looking to give your bedroom a makeover, keep reading! 

A picture of a man using a laptop
New build or old build, which is best for me? Jun 07, 2021 by Georgie Kenny

One of the most interesting decisions you need to make when looking to buy a home is whether you want a new or old build. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but you will need to weigh up the most important factors for you. 

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A couple looking at the new home
Buying a Second Home: All You Need to Know Jun 07, 2021 by Alan Akseenko Resources for house buyers
A picture of a small red house
Leasehold and Ground Rent Rules Jun 07, 2021 by Georgie Kenny

A leasehold means that, while you own the property, the land the property is built on is owned by a freeholder. Therefore, you are able to occupy your property for as long as the lease is valid. However, an update to the rules means that certain aspects have changed. Keep reading to learn more!

A picture of a property for sale
Questions to ask when buying a house Jun 07, 2021 by Alan Aksenenko

It is common practice to carry out extensive research and investigation when making any kind of serious decision. Buying a house is significant and important, and prior to buying a property and committing to a considerable financial investment, you will want to be confident that you have made the right decision. 

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