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What To Do When Your Fixed-Rate Mortgage Term Ends Oct 22, 2020 by Andrea Winterhoff

If you've opted for a fixed-rate mortgage, you will know that your interest rates don't fluctuate and that you'll be paying the same level of interest every month. Fixed-rate mortgages are usually not only fixed in terms of interest levels but also in...

The Different Types of Mortgages Oct 22, 2020 by Georgie Kenny

Buying a home is a big deal, and finding the correct mortgage is just as important. Often, there is information overload surrounding the topic of borrowing, and it can be tricky to know where to begin in your search. That’s why we’ve written this Emoov...

What Can You Do if You Have Found Your Dream Home But Can't Sell Your House? Sep 26, 2020 by Irini Sala

What Can You Do if You Have Found Your Dream Home But Can't Sell Your House? So you have found your forever home. It's got those bi-fold doors opening up to a Juliet balcony and a sizeable amount of outside space that make it a must-have. Good times. There's...

A Beginner's Guide to Mortgages Sep 18, 2020 by Georgie Kenny

Buying a house is a big deal. In fact, for most of us, it is the biggest financial investment we will ever make. And, unless you are Jeff Bezos, you will probably need a mortgage to help you purchase your home. Getting a mortgage can seem like a rather...

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Buckingham Palace Listing Competition – guess the price Aug 18, 2020 by Irini Sala

Buckingham Palace might not actually be for sale. But can you guess how much it would go on the market for should The Queen decide to sell up? That's what we're asking in our Buckingham Palace Listing competition. Guess Buckingham Palace's...


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