The Ultimate Guide to Bonfire Night in the UK

Oct 31, 2019

Get ready to ‘remember remember’

It’s time to gear up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. That’s right; it’s time for a spectacular bonfire night, filled with sparklers and fireworks galore. And w e can all thank Mr Guy Fawkes for making it happen.

When ol’ Fawkes rocked up to the Houses of Parliament in 1605, little did he know the UK would still be celebrating his capture some four-hundred-plus years later by setting the skies alight with explosions. Oh, the irony.

Yet here we are, ready to drop some serious ‘ohhhhhhhs’ and ‘ahhhhhhhs’ as the sky turns red, green, yellow and just about every other colour imaginable. The Halloween scares are still fresh in the memory, but it’s already time for some big bangs.

Just in case you were wondering where to find the best fireworks displays, we’ve got you covered. From London to Manchester, discover fun-filled events for the whole family where you can enjoy the best displays around.

How to stay safe ⚠

Before we get into the best places to enjoy bonfire night across the country, it’s essential to make sure that you’re safe during Guy Fawkes. Safety precautions should be put in place where there’s any type of fire, from bonfires to fireworks.

The big displays at events are handled by professionals with the relevant safety measures already in place. But if you’re letting off a few fireworks in your back garden or getting the sparklers out, there are a few things you should do to make sure everything runs smoothly.

1) Don’t light fireworks in windy conditions
2) Don’t let anyone under the age of 18 light any fireworks
3) Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and thoroughly
4) Make sure all unlit fireworks are packaged away in their box
5) Leave damaged fireworks alone. Don’t try to light them
6) Keep a bucket of water or, if possible, a fire extinguisher nearby
7) Keep all pets inside during displays
8) Light fireworks in an open area, away from anything that may catch fire
9) Always aim fireworks vertically to the sky
10)If you have loud fireworks, be considerate of your neighbours

Guy Fawkes Night is a time for the entire family. By following the right procedures and keeping safe, you can make it a bonfire night to remember. And if you don’t fancy setting off a display in your back garden, there are plenty of great fireworks shows happening around the UK.

Here are some of the best ones…

Where to go to enjoy the best fireworks displays:


1) Crystal Palace Park

South London is in on the fireworks fun, with Crystal Palace hosting a spectacular display that is sure to brighten up your night. Described as ‘musical lighting’, this year’s show includes the Lords of Lighting show alongside a colourful display of fireworks.

When? 2nd Nov
Where? Thicket Rd, London SE20 8DT
How much? £9 per person

Crystal Palace Fireworks

2) Alexandra Palace

North London’s Alexandra Palace has a reputation for some of the best fireworks in town. This year, the Fireworks Festival takes place on the 1st and 2nd of November and promises to deliver with a mighty bang – or two. There’s also film screenings, cabaret shows, street food, and more for the whole family to enjoy.

When? 1st and 2nd Nov
Where? Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY
How much? £9.50 per person

Bonfire Night Alexandra Palace London

3) Fireworks Night at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

There’s something a little different going on in East London with Fireworks Night at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Enjoy some of London’s finest displays at ArcelorMittal Orbit, a 114.5-metre-high observation tower in the Queen Elizabeth Park. Once the displays have finished, make the most of ArcelorMittal Orbit’s nighttime ride and slide all the way back down the bottom.

When? Nov 2nd
Where? Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 5 Thornton St, London E20 2AD
How much? TBA

Fireworks Night at the ArcelorMittal Orbit


Fireworks Etihad Stadium Manchester

1) Etihad Stadium Manchester

Combine your trick or treating with a fireworks display at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium on October 31st. Expect plenty of pretty colours exploding in the sky, along with a few fancy-dress costumes at the venue.

When? Oct 31st
Where? Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF
How much? Free

Platt Fields Park Bonfire Celebrations

2) Platt Fields Park Bonfire Celebrations

Manchester City council puts on their yearly fireworks display on November 5th at Platt Fields Park. As well as fantastic fireworks, there will be a funfair where you can enjoy fun and games before the show begins.

When? Nov 5th
Where? Manchester M14 6LA
How much? Free

Radcliffe Cricket Club in Manchester •

3) Firework Extravaganza

Created by the company who runs Alton Towers theme park, Fireworks Extravaganza promises to be a night filled with splendid fireworks that can be enjoyed by everyone. There will also be plenty of surprises on the night at this event which bills itself as ‘more than a fireworks display’.

When? Nov 2nd
Where? Radcliffe Cricket Club in Manchester
How much? TBA – tickets available on the door


1) Edgbaston Fireworks Spectacular

Birmingham’s largest fireworks display takes place at Edgbaston and promises all-round entertainment. There’s a funfair, LED light show, and superhero special guests for the little ones. Oh, and there’s a fireworks display too!

When? 2nd Nov
Where? Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU
How much? From £5

Edgbaston Fireworks Spectacular

2) Tamworth Castle Fireworks Night

Now in its 10th iteration, Tamworth Castle Fireworks Night attracts huge crowds of up to 25,000 people. This year’s display starts at 7pm on November 2nd and is set to some rocking tunes. There will also be a sparkler zone, face painting opportunities and fire performers.

When? Nov 2nd
Where? Tamworth Castle Pleasure Grounds, Tamworth, B79 7NA
How much? Free

Tamworth Castle Fireworks Night

3) Wythall Park Bonfire and Fireworks

Start your evening off with a bonfire, before two fireworks displays at Wythall Park round off the evening. In addition to the Guy Fawkes goings-on, a funfair, food stalls and an indoor Punch and Judy show are on display for good measure.

When? Nov 2nd
Where? Wythall House and Park, 52 Silver Street, Wythall, B47 6LZ
How much? £7.50

Wythall Park Bonfire and Fireworks


Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth Park

1) Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth Park

Combine fireworks with racing at the Newcastle Racecourse, where a display takes place after a day of top-notch races. Music and a funfair are also on hand so that the whole family can enjoy the festivities. The display takes place one hour after the final race.

When? Nov 1st
Where? Newcastle Racecourse, High Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 5HP
How much? £11; free for under 18s

Charity Bonfire Night Newcastle

2) Charity Bonfire Night

The charity bonfire night is back and has so far raised more than £10,000, with this year’s proceeds going to The Great North Air Ambulance. Attendees can expect top-notch fireworks and a fire-performing act that is sure to wow the crowds.

When? Nov 3rd
Where? Higham Lakes Trout Fishery, Higham Dykes, Milbourne, Ponteland, NE20 0DH
How much? Adults, £5; under-16s, £2.50; under-fours free


1) SophiaWorks

Sophia Gardens cricket ground hosts a Bonfire Night display for the second year running. This year, the action kicks off at 6pm on Tuesday 5th November and event-goers can expect a show that lights up the Welsh skies.

When? Nov 5th
Where? Sophia Walk, Cardiff CF11 9XR
How much? From £3.50

Bonfire Night, Sophia Walk, Cardiff

2)Sparks in the Park

Get ready for some sparks in the park in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. There will be two displays taking place, with a junior show earlier in the day at 4.30pm, and an adult show – which is aptly named Rocket Man-kicking off at 7pm.

When? Nov 2nd
Where? North Rd, Cardiff CF10 3ER
How much? TBA

 Sparks in the Park Bonfire Night


Liverpool waterfront Bonfire Night

1) Liverpool waterfront

A free nine-day fireworks event delivers one of the biggest Guy Fawkes shows in the UK. Starting Friday 1st Nov and finishing on Saturday 9th Nov, Liverpool’s waterfront plays host to a kaleidoscope of colour and sound. Titanium Fireworks will stage one of the displays, which promises to ‘light up your life’.

When? Nov 1st to Nov 9th
Where? Liverpool Waterfront
How much? TBA


1) Airdrie Firework Display, Motherwell

The bonfire fun kicks off at 7pm on Monday 4th November, with the displays starting at 7.30pm. There is also hot food and drink available to keep you warm while you enjoy one of Motherwell’s most popular fireworks displays.

When? Nov 4th
Where? Motherwell St, Airdrie ML6 7HU
How much? Free

Airdrie Firework Display, Motherwell

2) Glasgow Green Fireworks Display, Glasgow

Enjoy a colourful spectacle on Guy Fawkes with Glasgow’s biggest and best display. Set to a selection of music the fireworks scream into the night sky and take place to the backdrop of the city’s iconic People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.

When? 5th Nov
Where? Greendyke Street, Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5DB
How much? Free

The Ultimate Guide to Bonfire Night in the UK

Light up the skies with emoov

You won’t be short of options for excellent fireworks displays to attend this year. The UK puts on some of the biggest and best shows, with majestic colours taking over the night sky. No matter where you choose to watch the stellar displays on offer, you’ll certainly remember remember the fifth of November.