UK’s Most Festive Homes – Extreme Christmas Lights

Dec 4, 2015

In the midst of the winter darkness Christmas strikes us as a glimmer of comfort to get us through the cold. Households across the nation light up their homes like Christmas trees, which are tastefully (open to negotiation), decorated with Santas, snowmen and nativity scenes. Here is just a twinkle of what we could expect across the UK this festive season:

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Husband-Jason-Hoban-and-his-wife-Lisa, christmas decorationsHusband Jason Hoban and his wife Lisa, have brightened up their semi detached house, in Bedfont, for the past 25 years. The couple, in West London, have splashed on the flash to create their Christmas creation with light-up snowmen and a virtual Santa, complete with his very own handmade red sleigh.

The Hoban’s, much like others, light up their home to raise money for charities. Their donations go towards the Jaden Cornelious Foundation and Shooting Star Chase – a charity which is close to home after they took care of their son through terminal illness.

The-six-families-of-Trinity-Close-SomersetHere were have Britain’s most festive cul-de-sac. The six families of Trinity Close, Somerset, all decorate their homes for the season with around 100,000 Christmas lights.

Each family pays close to £3,000 for the 15,00 fairy-lights that blanket their houses and gardens and keep glowing until the New Year. Visitors flock in their hundreds from around the country to catch a glimmer of the view, helping to raise thousands of pounds for thankful charities in the process.

Paul and Lee Brailsford started their Christmas decorations Last on the list for the festive houses, but certainly not least, is this brotherly duo in Bentry, Bristol. The brothers started on their collection over 20 years ago and have got bigger and better ever since.

Paul and Lee Brailsford started their Christmas decorations to raise money for The Grand Appeal after becoming parents and realising how lucky they both were to have such a good hospital so close by.


Paul and Lee Christmas decorations, fun decorations Hundreds of people gather for the annual switch on of over 50,000 lights. This grand display costs around £600 to run with over 19 companies sponsoring to cover it. However, since they started, the Brailsford brothers have raised over £30,000 for charity, collecting £8,000 last year alone. Paul and Lee explain that it’s a lot of work, spanning over six weekends to put up and around three days to take down, but they say it’s all worth it for the switch on at the end. The display is alight for six hours a day for 31 days in the hope of raising as much money as possible for a good cause.

And if you’re no longer lit up over these crazy Christmas homes – check out this wacky watering hole. The Churchill Arms in Kensington, London, covers the pub with around 70 Christmas trees…Tree-mendous!! (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).

The Churchill Arms in Kensington, London,

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