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How to Make an Offer on a House (and Get it Accepted)

May 03, 2019 by Irini Sala

Whether you’re an experienced homebuyer or first-timer, there are many things you can do to make sure your offer on a house is successful. No, we don’t mean calling the vendor and saying “please, please, please accept. I’ll be your friend”. Instead, we’re talking about doing it in a way that leaves you with your pride as well as the keys to your new home.

When it comes to the art of negotiating, every party has their best interests at heart. You want to get your property offer accepted, and the seller wants to get the highest price possible. In order for there to be good negotiations, balancing the needs of yourself and the seller is vital.

Understand the housing market before making an offer

First and foremost, understand current market values in your chosen postcode. You can get a better idea of market values by looking on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, where you can see how much other similar properties are on the market for.

Home is also a good website for checking recent sold prices in an area. Another option is to speak with one of our dedicated agents, who can advise you on local market house prices. Viewings also act as an opportunity to get a better idea of a home’s value.

Too often, people go on viewings with an almost timid-like nature, not wanting to be too thorough with their inspections. We’re not suggesting you attend a viewing and act like a bull in a china shop, but there’s nothing wrong with testing the electrics, opening and closing all the cupboards and doors, and looking under sinks and basins. Have a proper nose when on a viewing – a good, robust property will be worth more to you.

Get ready to negotiate on your initial offer

Many theories about how you should negotiate for a home exist, from low-balling in your first offer to offering your best price from the get-go. If you start with something unrealistic, it’s more likely to get an instant rejection and annoy the seller.

The type of market you’re operating in also plays a role: a buyer’s market, where demand for property isn’t so high, increases the chances of a lower offer being accepted.

A seller’s market, where demand for properties is high, means that you will have more competition and may have to match, or perhaps even go over, the asking price.

The initial offer you make comes down to you and your confidence as a negotiator. However, we recommend that your first one is serious and in the range of what you’re willing to pay.

Be personable to facilitate getting the offer accepted

No matter the situation, good relationships often create positive outcomes. Create a good relationship with the seller, and they are more like to meet you halfway in terms of the offer and perhaps give you preference if a bidding war starts.

How do you create a good relationship? Be complimentary of their home when on a viewing and shower it with love. It also helps to be polite and professional when interacting with them – and it will help to ask a few questions that show you’re interested in their everyday lives.

Sellers can be sentimental, and even though they’re benefiting from selling their home, they will feel a bit like they are passing on a torch to you when they sell. They want to know that whoever buys their property will show it love and affection.

Submit a professional offer

There is nothing more professional than when something is official, which is why it’s important to submit an  offer. If you’ve found your new home on emoov, then our ‘make an offer’ features allows you to submit a formal offer to the seller.

If it’s accepted, you will receive a confirmation via email and SMS. Don’t be too worried if you receive a counteroffer, as this is usually part and parcel of the negotiating business. You can ask one of our dedicated agents for advice on how to proceed if you receive a counter and aren’t sure how to proceed.

Making the offer is the most vital part of buying a home. Which is why it’s essential that you have all bases covered and are well prepared. At emoov, we’re here to help and make sure the process is as smooth as it can be, offering our expert advice throughout every step of the journey.

With that in mind, we wish you good luck and happy house hunting.

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May 03, 2019 by Irini Sala

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