Meet The emoov Team

Jul 19, 2019

You might have noticed that we talk about our dedicated experts a fair bit here at emoov. They often crop up, whether on our website or in our blog posts. Which isn’t really a surprise, as customer service is the foundation of any business – especially in the world of buying and selling bricks and mortar.

Making sure buyers and sellers have a happy, rewarding experience is what we live for. We are proud of the positive feedback our experts regularly receive and plan for it to long continue.

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We thought that it was time to put faces to names while digging a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. After all, you do hear a fair bit about our team – so why not see them too?

So, without further ado, here is emoov’s team of experts…

Jason Burke

Meet the emoov team

Tell us about your current role, Jason. What does a day-to-day look like for you at emoov?

My day never stops! From putting properties on the market to taking and agreeing on sales, to chasing solicitors. You name it – I do it.

How long have you been in sales?

I have been working in sales for 17 years now, and am pretty much the old head in the team. From negotiator to lister to senior lister to regional lister to branch manager, I’ve done the lot.

What is different about working at emoov?

I love the relaxed atmosphere in comparison to other jobs I’ve had! That’s not to say we don’t work hard here – just that there is a culture that combines smart, rewarding work with personal well being. It means that I get plenty of family time and feel refreshed and ready to go when it comes to the selling and buying of a home.

How do you benefit the team at emoov?

Nothing beats experience, and I’ve been there and got the t-shirt. The best companies blend new blood with knowledge, and I can offer advice to less experienced team members. My experience also helps with customers, as I’ve seen many scenarios play out over the years and can act as a reassuring voice in the high stakes world of buying and selling property.

Why do you believe the future of property is digital?

I’ve been an estate agent for a long time and have seen the difference over the last few years. Why should a vendor pay £4,000 to sell their property when they can get the same service (or better) for 3x as cheap? I mean, a Rolls Royce service for only £895 incl. VAT. It’s a no-brainer.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

I have two young children, so lots of my time is spent with them or down at the farm with our horses. When I’m not with my little ones, you will find me at my local.

Tell us one sentence to sum up what you love about your job!

I love seeing customers happy whether it’s telling them their property has been sold, that their offer has been agreed, or that they have just exchanged or completed.

Abi Day

Meet the emoov team

Tell us about your current role, Abi. What does a day-to-day look like for you at emoov?

As a senior member of the sales team, my day-to-day role involves speaking with new and exciting people and helping make their dream move a reality. I love getting to know all my vendors on a personal, one-to-one level – which isn’t too hard for me because I can talk for England!

How do you benefit the emoov team?

I benefit the emoov team because I’m crazy and fun – but I get the job done. My core focus is to provide buyers and sellers with all the information they need to feel comfortable about their decisions.

What is your favourite part of the role?

Meeting and speaking to new people every day, understanding their personal journeys and what made them take the leap and decide to sell. The most rewarding feeling is when you know you have made that person’s day when that final thank you is said, and they smile as they get the keys to their new place.

In your opinion, what makes great customer service?

Nothing matters more than our customers. Selling and buying property isn’t a straightforward transaction, so it’s essential to understand the emotional weight that comes with such a decision. I emphasise with our customers and let them know that I’m always a phone call or email away, just in case they have any questions regarding the process.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

I love spending time with my friends and family and exploring new things. I’m into interior design, so I love doing anything related to that. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to interiors – I’m all about antique fairs at the weekend.

Why do you believe the future of property is digital?

I believe in the digital marketing of properties because everything is online now. With a click of a button, you have everything you need. There are no restrictions. You don’t have to wait until your negotiator is in the office, nor do you need to arrange property viewings with them. We live in a world where consumers are used to instant access, and it’s no different in the UK property market.

Tell us one sentence that sums up what you love about your job!

First of all, can I sum up how I feel about the team?


Great! Emoov is the ultimate dream team. It’s incredible to work alongside such dedicated and talented individuals each day. They drive me to be better and are a great bunch of people.

Awesome. Now, about that sentence to sum up your job…

I love my job because I’m helping make dreams come true and changing lives. Nothing beats that, surely?

Ryan Kavanagh

Tell us about your current role, Ryan. What does a day-to-day look like for you at emoov?

My day includes a variety of tasks, including handling all new enquiries through our Zoho and Live Chat portal. I also assist in other duties such as recruitment and booking viewings.

What skills do you bring to emoov?

My daily duties can vary quite significantly. Sometimes I’m making bookings for viewings, others I’m managing existing vendors’ properties. There are times where I’m also bringing new vendors onboard with emoov.

What is different about working for emoov?

There is a togetherness here that’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before, which is ideal for me as I love to be a team player. I’m always willing to help any of my colleagues out.

What is your favourite part of the role?

Enquiries! New enquiries means happy vendors and demand for their property. I also like the fact each day brings fresh challenges, as that’s something I thrive on.

Why do you believe the future of property is digital?

Whether it’s ordering your Saturday-night takeaway, looking for your next family holiday or even just reading a book!, everything is online now. And the evolution has grown from having access to a computer to having all of these capabilities right there in your pocket, on your smartphone.

We use a fantastic platform which enables you to view your property listing, action any offers that are made and having the capability to keep check of all viewings. It saves the vendor on the costs of selling whilst providing a better more efficient service that also saves on time.

What do you like to do in your downtime? (Hobbies? Socialising? etc)

I enjoy getting away, whether it’s a beach holiday or  a weekend break in the UK. I also like playing football and spending time with friends and family.

One sentence to sum up what you love about your job!

The thing I love most about my job is helping people sell their biggest asset, or find their dream home!

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