MOD Housing

Mar 9, 2010

The Sunday Times ran an article this weekend on the state of army housing.

In 1996 a deal ArmyHomes385_693847awas done with the private sector to sell 57,000 homes in order to raise money to maintain them.

Since 1997, in relative terms, hardly a bean has been spent though and as seems so typical of the care that Government gives to our armed forces in many respects these days.

But the question also arises in my mind as to how many of these dilapidated homes are now empty as the result of disrepair. With property at a shortage in the UK generally and with so many people homeless or living in temporary accomodation, any under utilised stock at all would be unnacceptable.

I have submitted a freedom of information request to the MOD to ascertain the vacant rate.

I’ll blog again once I have the answer.