How to Sell Your Home Despite Brexit – The Independent

Oct 28, 2019

It’s official, with Brexit postponed once more, Halloween takes back the lead on scariest event of the week. 🎃
A feeling of general uncertainty, however, still looms. Thankfully, The Independent has graced us with quite a treat entitled: How to sell your home despite Brexit.

There were a couple of interesting points to note:

💥 Lucy Pendleton, from James Pendleton Estate Agents, suggests lowering sellers’ asking price to about 5 per cent below what they think their house is worth to ensure a “house hunters flood through your door”.

💥 Phil Spencer from Move iQ, urges owners to do their own research into the value of their home to avoid being influenced by overly-optimistic agents.

💥 Dilpreet Bhagrath from Trussle, reassures sellers with regard to the standstill that is typical of the November-December months. She urges sellers to use this time to prepare for selling and moving in the New Year.


How to Sell Your Home Despite Brexit - The Independent


✨All in all, we think sellers must indeed be mindful of pricing their home right and avoiding all forms of panic! The team at emoov urge sellers not to be too discouraged and trust that buyers are more active than ever looking for the best deals.

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