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Why You Should Sell Your Home This Winter

Dec 16, 2019 by Irini Sala

🎵The phone rings, are you listening? In the lane, viewers glistening. A beautiful sight, you’re happy tonight, selling in a winter wonderland. 🎵

The winter months are upon us, and Christmas is kicking things off this cold season. People tend to shy away from selling their home during the winter. Instead, they choose to wait until the spring to get their property on the market. 

But are you missing a trick by waiting until March/April to sell? Or is it best to hibernate during the property winter market, re-emerging at first sight of leaves on trees and getting your home on the market in peak season?

We’ve looked at the winter property market and used our experience to let you know why selling your home in the chillier months could present an early Xmas present and the perfect start to the new year. 

Read on, and find out why you should sell your home this winter. 

There is Less competition

Spring is typically seen as the time of year when hordes of buyers start purchasing homes, but there isn’t really a defined sweet spot in the property market calendar. A buyer or sellers’ circumstances will always hold the most weight in any decision. 

If the time of your does factor into your thoughts, selling during the winter could actually prove to be the smart move. Winter tends to see fewer properties on the sales market, which means demand ends up outweighing supply. 

As a vendor, such a scenario could see you in a strong selling position – especially if you’re in an area where winter buyers aren’t in short supply. The idea that every postcode sees most tractions in the warmer is false. According to the Land Registry, The London Borough of Ealing saw 32% of homes sold for an average of £630,000 in the winter months, more than any other time of year. 

Wintertime lets you capture the magic of the season

Andy Williams wasn’t wrong when he said the festive season is the most wonderful time of the year.

As a vendor, the wintertime is your chance to capture the holiday vibes in your home, creating an atmosphere that buyers can literally buy into. 

You’re at an even better advantage if your home has good heating insulation and is winter proof. Whether it’s Christmas decoration or lighting the fire to create a cosy vibe in a warm, snug home, wintertime is the perfect opportunity to show buyers that your home is ready for cold.

Buyers are more serious

There’s nothing more frustrating than arranging a handful of viewings from people that aren’t serious about buying. But the truth is that many people view homes simply to get a better idea of local market conditions. 

Those looking at property during the winter months are much more likely to search for a new home with more urgency, which means you can sell with increased confidence. If someone is navigating the dark evenings while trudging through wind, rain and snow to see your property, you know they’re intent is real. 

No one is going to look for a home in the winter months just to “get a better idea of the local market”. You might have fewer viewings, but quality always beats quantity. 

You can make a great first impression

Whether you’re selling in the height of summer or right in the middle of winter, first impressions matter more than anything. Wintertime can be somewhat dreary, but that doesn’t mean your home needs to look dark and cold. 

Make sure your property is well lit before any viewings, creating an impression of a welcoming home in the process. Pay attention to your exterior and give your home that kerb appeal with a spruce up here and there. If it’s Christmas time, a few Xmas lights on the outside won’t go amiss either.

Pay attention to gutters and windows, making sure they’re not clogged up or dirty. It’s worth the effort to fix up any exterior paintwork. A small investment can result in a big payoff if people get a great first impression of your home.

‘Tis the season to sell your home

Don’t put selling your home off until spring. Winter could prove to be the ideal time to put it on the market, thanks to less competition and serious buyers. There are plenty of advantages on your side, not to mention emoov’s dedicated property experts, who will provide their knowledge  24/7 to make sure you get the best sale for your home this winter.

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Dec 16, 2019 by Irini Sala

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