How to Sell Your House… Fast 🏠

Jun 6, 2019

Everyone loves Speedy Gonzales from Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny can often be too smart for his own good, and Daffy Duck is loveable but fairly dim. Speedy Gonzales, though. Well, he’s just a stand-up guy who gets things done… fast.

If, in this oddest of hypothetical questions, you were asked to pick a Looney Tunes character that could sell your house, Speedy Gonzales has to be the front runner. No nonsense. No messing around. He just gets things done at a rapid pace.

The result? Your home sold nice and quickly, which, let’s face it, is every vendor’s dream. Here at emoov, we don’t have tiny, exceptionally quick mice wearing sombreros. But we are set up to give you the best possible chance of selling your house fast.

Here’s why…

Cut out the middleman 📣

property communication Having an estate agent on hand to arrange and conduct viewings sounds great, in theory. Put into practice, however, and it brings up its fair share of problems. There always needs to be a three-way interaction, which often delays the actual viewing of any property.

Viewers need to relay any cancellations to the agent, who then tells you, the seller. Rescheduling and finding a new time that suits everyone can also be a pain. Arranging property viewings should be straightforward. Not a complicated process that delays everything.

With emoov, you arrange viewings directly between yourself and the viewer through your dashboard. When a viewing request comes in, you get a notification and can accept, reject or reschedule with the viewer directly. Everyone saves time, and you increase the chances of more, seamless viewings.

Make the most of our expertise 💥

We give you all the freedom in the world to sell your property, but that doesn’t mean we simply leave you to it. From the moment you instruct us, we assign you a dedicated property expert – someone that is always on hand to offer impartial advice.

property expertsAnd when we say impartial, we mean it! Our property experts aren’t incentivised by commission from your sale. As a result, they act solely with your best interests at heart. If you’re not sure whether to accept an offer, they can advise you.

If you want some tips on how to conduct a viewing, they’re here for that too. Need a bowling friend for your Friday night league? Ok, we can’t guarantee they’ll join your team. But feel free to ask them. Boycey does know a thing or two about ten-pin.

Get ready for what comes after the sale of your property ✔

So you’ve listed your house, and someone makes a swift offer. That’s a good start – you’re well on your way to selling fast. But, hold on. Accepting an offer is one thing, but there are still a few steps to go until completion. It is at this part in the process where things can slow down. People are waiting for their solicitors to act, and several potential hiccups could come to the fore at any moment – such as vendors getting mortgages into place.

House sold with emoovFortunately, we have partnered with conveyancers, who are ready to act and speed the process along as soon as a deal is agreed. If you or your seller needs a mortgage advisor, we can help with that too. Our mortgage advisors provide expert advice throughout the entire mortgage journey, making sure that everyone involved gets the best deal.

Having a team ready to go when an offer is accepted puts everything in position to get a smooth, quick sale.

Trust emoov when selling your home 💛

The name of the game is speed, and if you’re looking for proof in the pudding (mmm, pudding), we recently took on a property that sold within two days of being listed. Speed and efficiency are just two of the reasons why more people are choosing emoov.

Here’s a graph:

Graph of emoove beating purplebricks - Sale home

While we all love a good graph, this one’s particularly pleasing. It shows that emoov is becoming the go-to choice for sellers with online estate agents. Instructions are increasing with emoov because we’re all about that easy life for our sellers and buyers.

Making it easy to list your home. Easy to arrange and conduct viewings. Easy to negotiate and accept offers. And, most importantly, easy to sell your home fast – at a speed that even Speedy Gonzales would struggle to keep up with.

Request a callback, and talk to one of our property experts about selling your home fast.

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