Six stress relieving plants to make selling your house a breeze

Apr 5, 2018

With the temperatures dropping and that summer feeling sinking away, we’ve looked at six plants that don’t just look pretty but also have alternative benefits when it comes to health and harmony in the house, by reducing toxins in the air, tickling the senses and helping to cut down on stress levels.

Plants help to bring a house to life and  are certainly great additions when it comes to decorating tips.


lavander plant, stress-relief

Indisputably one of the loveliest smells on the planet, Lavender flowers have several uses in a home from reducing stress and anxiety.

It soothes as it is calming the heart and brings on a peaceful sleep.

Aloe vera

aloe vera plant, stress-relief This plant is full of healing properties and is a much needed addition to any home.

Aside from clearing the air of chemicals from paints and cleaning products, it also is beneficial for glowing skin, treating burns and promoting all around health.

Snake plant

Snake plant, stress-relief

The Snake plant improves all around health.

From clearing pollutants in the air for easier breathing, to reducing headaches, improving eye irritation and encouraging higher energy levels in people.

Spider plant

spider plant, plant, relaxing plant, stress reliefFor anyone looking for low-maintenance houseplants, look no further.

A Spider plant is your best bet because it requires little attention but is a big player in purifying air quality in a home.It’s also a gift that keeps giving as the little flowers growing off of it can be replanted to cultivate more of these aesthetically pleasing plants.


Jasmine plant, stress-relief

If you’re looking to create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom, the Jasmine plant is a perfect match.

It’s known to improve the quality of sleep, which ultimately makes for better alertness and minimal stress during the times you’re awake


rosemary plant, stress-relief

A versatile plant that can be used for cooking lamb as well as purifying the air.

Rosemary is famous for improving memory with Alzheimer patients and students. It’s also a great mood booster!