Do TV and FIlm Locations Add Value to Your Home?

Jul 7, 2020


Lights, camera, action! The world of film and TV is full of A-list celebrities and pizzazz. And you could be part of that world without even knowing it. More importantly, your home’s value might be affected by the entertainment industry. 

Allow us to explain…

Several film and TV shows in the UK have given their location a house price boost, which means having a property where a top TV show or movie is filmed could add thousands to the value of your home.   

But where are the best TV locations for increased house prices? We’ve had a look at the data and listed some of the best TV and film locations that increase the market price of homes around the UK. 

TV locations could add thousands to a home’s value

Recent studies reveal that TV programmes can add up to an impressive £42k to overall house price values in the areas where they are filmed. Going by the UK national house price average of £231k, an extra £32k reflects an 18% increase. 

So the next time you sit down in front of the TV to watch your favourite show, those houses in the background may just increase in value by way of association. 

Here are some of the TV shows that add value to a home.


Starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, Broadchurch is a serial crime drama filmed in the Dorset village of West Bay. The picture-perfect setting has made it a property hotspot and has increased house prices by around 3%. The average house price in the area currently sits at around £250k. 

Do TV and FIlm Locations Add Value to Your Home?

Downton Abbey

Already an iconic British television programme, Downton Abbey has also improved house prices in its filming location, which was in and around north Hampshire. It’s so popular that house prices have gone up by an impressive 42%, with the average home now costing £319k. 

Do TV and FIlm Locations Add Value to Your Home?


Set in 18th century Cornwall, Poldark is dark and brooding yet still managed to get people excited about living in its filming locations. And it’s Padstow where property prices increased, even though the town doesn’t officially feature in Poldark. However, many of the cliff shots and scenes relied on the spectacular coastline in this part of Cornwall. Subsequently, prices have seen a 7% increase to an overall value of £475k. 

Do TV and FIlm Locations Add Value to Your Home?

Gavin & Stacey

Gavin & Stacey took the airways by storm with its debut on the BBC in 2007. And it’s three-year run has helped to drum up plenty of interest in Essex, where the sitcom was filmed. The average asking price on Barry Island (one of the filming locations) is £180k, a 12% rise in recent years. 

Do TV and FIlm Locations Add Value to Your Home?

Location, location, location

We don’t suggest that you go looking for a new home just because it’s set in a former filming location. But if you happen to find somewhere you love that was also used for a film or TV show, you could find yourself paying a premium. And if you’re selling somewhere that happened to be located nearby a TV or film set; you might just find that its price has increased and added more value to your home.