Why Everyone is Saving Money With emoov

May 10, 2019

Fiona? She’s saving money with emoov. The Queen? Saving money with emoov. Ricky? He’s saving money with emoov. Rihanna? She’s saving money with emoov. Batman? Saving money with emoov, of course. Benjamin? Oh, he’s saving money with emoov.

Ok, some of the above people may not have used emoov, therefore haven’t had the opportunity to save money with us yet. But it’s only a matter of time. We’re looking at you, Queeny. The others? They’ve certainly saved money with emoov.

From students to millionaires (and millionaire students), people from all walks of life are saving a pretty penny and then some by selling their home with us. But how are they saving money, you wonder? Read on and find out why everyone is saving money with emoov.

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It’s all in the fee 💷💷💷

The obvious place to start is with the fees. We don’t evaluate what you should pay based on the value of your property, charging higher fees for the luxe houses. Whether it’s a studio apartment or a lavish house fit for Grand Designs, the fee remains the same.

If you own a studio apartment, you might be wondering why you have to pay the same amount as someone with a mansion. We think that it’s fair to treat everyone the same. More importantly, a studio apartment worth £100,000 would see you paying around £1,400 if you listed with a high-street agent.

£895 is all you pay with emoov, and we don’t ask you to cough it all up at once if that isn’t in your best interests. Home sellers can list their property and pay in six monthly instalments or in one lump sum – whatever suits you best.

Impartial employees 💃🕺

The affordable fees don’t mean anything if there is no support system in place to help you sell your home with minimal fuss. Our dedicated experts are on hand to provide advice throughout the entire sale so that you never feel alone.

Selling your home can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Our experts make it less scary and put you at ease throughout the process. From advising on offers to breaking down anything you might not understand, we get the importance of having that human interaction.

We don’t take any commission, either. Which means we can provide impartial aimed at getting you the best deal and combine that with an aftercare service once you have sold your home. We make sure that everything is running smoothly, from start until after the finish.

The savvy sellers 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

We can’t take all the credit for why people are saving money with emoov. A big part of the reason is because of you, the savvy seller. Just like many other mediums, the property market is evolving and shifting to a digital experience.

Today, everyone has more access to information and transparency, which leads to better decision making. Another factor is control: consumers are used to being more in control of their actions, a notion which is especially prevalent for those selling their home online.

emoov is like the high street agents, just with more control for the seller. We do the valuation, the photos and floorplan, and we are here to offer you all the support you need. But you have access to your listing 24/7, direct contact with potential buyers and full control over accepting offers.

Partners 4 life 🤝

Many layers go into selling a home. And it becomes even more complicated if you’re selling and buying at the same time. We’ve partnered with chosen conveyancers who assist with completing the initial conveyancing package, which saves time and money. Two of the best things to save.

We also work with mortgage advisors and understand that not everyone can jump into their Scrooge McDuck money pit and pull out a few hundred thousand here and there. Our mortgage advisors provide expert advice throughout your mortgage journey and make sure that you get the best deal.

Having access to conveyancers and mortgage advice are two fewer things to worry about. So you’re not just saving money; you’re also minimising stress. Did someone just say ‘double win’? If that’s not worth a high five, we don’t know what it. ✋

Saving money and taking names

Selling your home isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Saving money and having confidence in the agent tasked with selling are the two most important aspects. Don’t pay more. Pay smarter, and do it with emoov’s dedicated team of dedicated experts, who are chomping at the bit to get you the best deal for your home.  

Get in touch today and request a callback from one of our experts.

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