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Why The Outside Of Your House Matters

May 19, 2014 by eMoov

Finding a buyer who is willing to meet your asking price can prove incredibly challenging, especially if you’re looking for a quick sale. There are a multitude of issues to consider when selling your house, and the effect of an aesthetically pleasing first impression should never be underestimated.

Instantly creating positive thoughts in the mind of a potential buyer is essential to increase your chances of a sale. As the age-old adage goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. The front of the house must therefore be in tip-top shape and ready to welcome its potential new owners.

Presenting the property at its very best

Of course, the most important thing to remember is that the outside of the property must be visually pleasing. If the outside looks nice buyers will walk into the house in a good mind-set, rather than expecting negatives if it looks out-dated and unloved.

These days modernity sells, so ensuring that the property has an up-to-date feel will be a great persuasion that this is the house for your potential buyer.

It goes without saying that the exterior should be tidy and clean, with all windows and sills gleaming and any paintwork freshly reapplied. This doesn’t mean you have to paint the whole outside of your house, unless it absolutely demands it. The trimmings should be enough to brighten up the whole exterior.

Make sure the garden is well kept with the grass recently trimmed and weeds banished. Don’t forget that the porch is often home to various spiders, who can leave very unsightly webs – not an ideal first impression.

Maximising the potential of an outside space can be an ideal way to persuade your buyer that this is the property for them – have them dreaming of their children playing safely in a gated-off garden, or of summer nights spent with friends in that perfect BBQ area. Presentable garden areas only ever add profit to an asking price so it is important you advertise any green space in order to ensure it adds as much value as possible.

Try to also take into account how your house fits in with neighbouring properties. Does it measure up in terms of cleanliness and presentation? Do the styling and features match the image of the rest of the street? You want to ensure your house stands out as a well presented and worthy investment but bear in mind that sometimes being conspicuously individual can just as easily be a turn off to potential buyers.

The Window to the Soul

Keep in mind that if your property has large windows, it is very likely that buyers may be able to see straight into downstairs rooms, giving them a first impression of what they could expect from the interior of the property.

Even people just wandering by may see the ‘for sale’ sign and have a quick glance on the off-chance they may see something they like. It is essential therefore that any visible rooms should be tidy, uncluttered and preferably neutral in colour and decoration, making the most of any natural light available

As buyers with families are often looking for a property they can utilise from the moment of purchase and that will not need much DIY effort, it is vital that they can envisage making their own mark on their new home rather than inheriting too much personal clutter from the previous tenants.

Ensuring that people are charmed by the interior right from the off is vital to beat away any negative thoughts, which could prevent a deal taking place. You want to make sure that positivity radiates from every aspect of the property because as soon as doubts start to form in the mind, solutions can prove tricky to negotiate and you may find yourself losing a potentially perfect buyer.

Get the Neighbours on Side

Another thing that is worth considering is how the neighbouring properties could have an effect on how buyers view your house. It’s all very well ensuring that your premises are perfectly presentable but, if the houses on either side are looking far from their best, this is sure to set alarm bells ringing.

No-one wants to live in an area that is going to drag the value of their property down, just as they want neighbours who seem to not take pride in the appearance of their home – who knows what other problems that could present in the future.  Give the impression to a buyer that they will have no issues with neighbours as research has shown that people are willing to pay more if it were to be guaranteed they would be part of a pleasant community of folks that are more than willing to compromise should a problem arise – yet another reason why a good first impression pays off!

One Last Touch to Brighten the Outside of your House

Today’s market is competitive. Many people are looking to sell their homes and so it can assumed that there will be many houses of a similar size and standard to your own available for the same price, or maybe even with a slightly lower.

As well as ensuring the first impression is ideal therefore, you must try and create a welcome ambiance and ensure the buyer knows this is a place where they could build their new lives.

Why should a buyer choose your house over another property? Think about this from their prospective and consider how that all important first impression can be used to your advantage. Make sure that people are eager to see if the inside of the property matches up to the outside – after all, creating an emotion is always a good way to get someone passionate about their potential new home. This no doubt gives you the best chance of selling!

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May 19, 2014 by eMoov

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