Refer a friend to Emoov and we'll thank you both, £50/£50!*

Know someone looking to sell their home?
Put them in touch with us and we'll send you both a £50 Amazon Voucher.*

*T&C's apply

Refer a Friend
How It Works. Pre-sale

How does it work?

Tell your friends

Invite your friends to list with Emoov

  • Just complete the invitation form below with your friends' details and we'll get in touch to help them sell their home.

  • Once your friend has been an Emoov customer for 14 days we'll send a £50 Amazon voucher your way!
  • And it doesn't end there! Once your friend has completed their house sale with us, thanks to you, we'll send them a £50 Amazon voucher to celebrate.
How It Works. Sale

What's in it for you?

Shop til you drop

Become your friends' hero!

  • By introducing them to Emoov you will be saving your friends thousands of pounds and a whole lot of hassle. Plus, thanks to your referral, your friend will receive a £50 Amazon voucher upon completion to help celebrate! If that's not friendship...

Shop til you drop

Shop 'til you drop

  • You've just done your good deed for the year, treat yourself to a virtual shopping spree entirely on us.

How It Works. Pre-sale

It's as easy as that!

Spread the love

Spread the love

  • We believe in the importance of spreading the love so there is no limit of friends that you can refer to us.

  • Whether it's a relative, a friend or simply an acquaintance, do them (and yourself) a favour and fill out the form below, we will take care of everything else!

  • This is our way of saying thank you for your support in recommending us to your friends.
Refer a Friend

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I refer someone to Emoov?

By referring a home seller to Emoov not only are you gaining a little extra for your next virtual shopping spree, but you are also making their sale that much easier! By listing with Emoov, your friend will save thousands on their sale and get round the clock support from their own dedicated agent. And, don’t forget! Once their sale has completed, we will send them a £50 Amazon Voucher to celebrate.

How does Emoov’s referral program work?

Know someone looking to sell their home? Refer them to us and we'll send you both £50 Amazon Vouchers. All you need to do is complete the form above and we'll get in touch with them. Once they decide to sell with us, we will send you a £50 Amazon voucher to thank you. We will also reward your friend with a £50 amazon voucher upon the completion of their sale. Win-win. 🏆🏆

Are there any Terms and Conditions I should be aware of?

We've tried to keep our conditions as minimal as possible, please see our brief terms and conditions here. ​​

Which of my friends are eligible to be referred?

Ultimately, anyone who is currently looking to sell their home and put it on the market, is eligible 🏡💸

How many times can I refer and receive a reward?

As many as you want! As soon as one of your friends, acquaintances, Facebook friends or relatives are looking to sell, just fill out the form above, and we'll reward you.

What's my reward for referring someone to you?

As a thank you for having suggested Emoov to a friend looking to sell their home, we will send you a £50 Amazon voucher. We'll also be sure to remember about the referral once your friend completes the sale of their home, and send them a £50 Amazon voucher to celebrate!

How do I refer a home seller to Emoov?

Just fill out the form above with your referee's details (it will take less than a minute) and we'll get in touch with them. As easy as that!

How do I claim my reward?

Once your friend has been with Emoov for 14 days, we'll be in touch and send the voucher directly to your inbox.

Can I claim a reward for someone already using Emoov?

Unfortunately we cannot accept a claim for a reward after a customer has already made contact with Emoov directly.

I have another question?

If you have a question that we have not yet answered please send us an email at and we will get back to you.