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The Ultimate Seller's Guide to Moving During Covid-19 (2.0)

Jun 05, 2020 by Irini Sala

Covid-19 continues to affect life across the UK, but the property market is still very much open. We’ve put this guide together so that you can sell your home with confidence during the pandemic. Find out what you need to do to get your home sale-ready and make sure that you’re well prepared for demand from buyers.

Prepare for property viewings in the ‘new normal’

Viewings are arguably the most vital part of selling your home. A buyer is unlikely to make an offer if they haven’t seen your property, so you’ll need to be well prepared for this stage of the process. 

Social distancing means physical property viewings will take on a different guise for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, it’s that easier if you’re selling your home with emoov. 

Our sales team provides support and assistance, so there’s no need to contend with an extra person (the agent) around your home. You’ll receive viewing requests via your online account and can arrange a time slot with the interested buyer directly. 

There’s also a set of vital practices you should follow to ensure the property viewing process in a post-Covid-19 world runs smoothly. These include: 


It’s also worth offering the option of video walkthroughs, with potential buyers seeing your home via a live Facetime or Skype video tour. While it’s unlikely a buyer will make a decision based solely off a video, it will help to sort the serious buyers from those who are only casually looking. 

Spruce up your property with small refurbishments

In the early stages of listing your home, you might decide to add a few that make it more appealing and potentially increase its value. Give the walls a once over if necessary and de-clutter outside spaces and spare rooms. 

It’s best to avoid any work that requires the use of a handyperson or any other external help unless completely necessary. But a bit of extra love and care for your home can go a long way to attracting potential buyers. 

Conveyancing, surveyors and removals during Covid-19

There’s more than one component needed for the house-selling machine to function at full force. Once you’ve accepted an offer to sell your home, you’ll need to get solicitors involved and possibly removal companies for . 

Mortgages advisors and surveyors may also be required. These industries are now open and have resumed some form of normality, though social distancing measures will be in place where necessary.  

How will surveyors operate post Covid-19?

Surveyors, in particular, have been asked to adhere to special guidelines, as they will need to visit the property. 


Many banks are offering desktop valuations for mortgage surveys, though a growing number are now conducting them physically as restrictions ease.

We’ve teamed up with the Mortgage Advice Bureau, who can help you if your next move requires any borrowing. It’s just another part of keeping everything under one roof, making it easier for our vendors and the experience more seamless. 

How will removal companies operate post Covid-19?

Removal companies are operating with a few tweaks to keep in line with social distancing measures. These include: 

How will conveyancing work post Covid-19?

Most of the and solicitors can be done online, which means they are still mostly working remotely. This won’t affect the sales process, and the majority of conveyancers were still operating throughout the lockdown. 

However, we recommend working with a good solicitor, one who is a property expert and recognises the situation and can prepare flexible contracts where possible in case either party shows coronavirus-related symptoms.

Post-Covid-19 home selling has changed

The key to a successful sale is selling your home safely while achieving the property’s valuation. Covid-19 has changed many aspects of the sales process, but protocols will help create a safer and more secure environment for everyone involved.

As a vendor, you can still be excited about selling your home — especially if you have five-star help from an  fully equipped for the new normal.

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Jun 05, 2020 by Irini Sala

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