We’ve highlighted where across the UK has been the scariest place to live for UK homeowners, since last Halloween.

The research highlights that there are just 19 areas of the UK where homeowners will have received a fright, with the value of their property decreasing since October 31st 2015 based on data from the Land Registry.

10 are found in England.

Five are found in Scotland.

Four are found in Wales.

Teignbridge, Devon

The scariest place of the lot is Teignbridge in Devon. Since last Halloween the average house price in the UK has increased by 7.22%, 7.81% in England alone, however homeowners in Teignbridge have seen a drop in value of -18.22%, more than £75,000!

Ryedale, North Yorkshire

The second most frightful place for UK homeowners was Ryedale in North Yorkshire with a drop of -6.32%, over £18,000.

Westminster & Camden

Although London homeowners are relatively scare-free when it comes to property values dropping, there are two boroughs that have seen a decrease since last Halloween. Both Westminster and Camden have seen a decrease since last October down -5.06% and -4.15% respectively placing them 3rd and 4th in the UK’s most haunting property markets.


Aberdeen’s poor performing property market as a result of the declining oil industry continues to spook homeowners and buyers in the area, with the City of Aberdeen seeing the largest decrease since last Halloween of all Scottish entries, the 5th largest drop across the UK.

Prices in the area have fallen by -4.02% since last Halloween, stark contrast to Scotland as a whole where prices are up 4.40%.

Hartlepool & West Somerset

Elsewhere across England Hartlepool saw a drop of -3.48% the 6th largest across the UK with West Somerset close behind where property prices fell by -2.93% since Halloween last year.

Copeland and the Isle of Anglesey

property in Copeland dropped by -1.72% over the last year, although doesn’t sound too scary it’s still a loss of over £3,000.

The Isle of Anglesey is the first Welsh entry into the scariest UK locations for homeowners. Despite a nationwide increase of 2.51%, Anglesey is down -2.90% in the last year.

Midlothian, the Western isles, Argyle and Bute and Edinburgh

Scotland accounts for all of the scariest places from 10th to the 13th for the biggest drops across the UK with Midlothian down -1.35%, the Western Isles seeing a drop of -1.25%, a drop of -1.19% in Argyle and Bute and the Scottish capital also scaring homeowners with a drop of -1.17%.

South Hams & Caerphilly

Unfortunately for homeowners across South Hams, the average house price in the area has dipped by just under 1% (0.89%) since last Halloween, making it the 14th scariest location in the UK for homeowners.

Caerphilly in Wales has also seen a drop of -0.69%.

Bolsover, Derbyshire

Bolsover in Derbyshire is next up on the list of UK homeowners scariest locations where prices have fallen -0.62% since last Halloween, the 16th largest drop across the whole of the UK.

Pembrokeshire & Denbigshire

Pembrokeshire (-0.27%) and Denbighshire (-0.22%) complete the Welsh entries for the places sure to give UK homeowners a fright this Halloween at 16th and 17th.

Eden, Cumbria

Eden in Cumbria is the last area across the UK to have seen prices drop since last Halloween. Although they’ve only fallen by 0.3% or £89, it will still come as a shock to homeowners as prices around the rest of the country continue to rise.

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