What is a Verified Viewer?

We use Social Verification to add trust and security to our viewings for buyers and sellers.

Verified Viewers

Register via Social Login

To book a viewing online, we ask potential buyers to register with a social account such as Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Verified Viewers

Authenticity Check

We use machine learning to validate the authenticity of the social account via factors such as longevity and activity. If the social account scores highly enough we mark the viewer as ‘Verified’.

We take privacy very seriously and only share a viewers name and social photo with the seller. All other information is not stored or shared with anyone else.

Verified Viewers

Email Confirmation

When a verified viewer submits their viewing request, the seller receives an email that includes the viewers name, social photo and verification badge.

Sellers get the peace of mind that the viewer is who they say they are and know who to expect at the door on the day of the viewing.

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