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What Does the Recession Mean for My House Sale? Aug 13, 2020 by Irini Sala

Now we know that the UK is in a recession, many homeowners will be wondering just what it means for house prices and if they’re going to see a crash similar to the credit crunch of 2008. While headlines might make for grim readings, not all is as bad as it...

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The Ultimate Guide to Adding Value to Your Home Jul 31, 2020 by Simon Banks

The Ultimate Guide to Adding Value to Your Home What type of work should you carry out to add...

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Green is Serene With the Green Homes Grant Scheme Jul 30, 2020 by Simon Banks

The stamp duty holiday took its lions’ share of the news when it was announced mid-July, but the Green Homes Grant scheme also promises to save money. The initiative could see 650,000 households saving as much as £300 on energy bills. But what exactly...

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5 Stamp Duty-Free Homes You Can Buy Right Now Jul 30, 2020 by Simon Banks

🎵We’re all going on a stamp duty holiday. No more stamp duty for a month or six. Moving house on our stamp duty holiday. No more worries of added costs.🎵 The stamp duty holiday is here, and with it comes increased demand as buyers look to save on their...

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Stamp Duty Holidays Announced in Boost to UK Housing Market Jul 08, 2020 by Simon Banks

It is the news we were all waiting for. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak chancelled his way into Chancel Town and announced a stamp duty holiday effective immediately. It means that buyers won’t need to pay a penny in stamp duty on properties up to...

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