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Talking PropTech with Russell Quirk

Our CEO and founder Russell Quirk recently chatted PropTech with SmartUp CEO Frank Meehan for online publication Medium. The term “PropTech” is becoming more familiar as the online property sector grows, and as technology is becoming a more prevalent force across the... read more

6 DIY Hacks to Increase the Value of Your Home on a Budget

We know selling your home can be stressful, and it’s only natural you want to get the most from your sale. But spending thousands on a new kitchen doesn’t guarantee you’ll secure a higher sale price. That said completing the more minor DIY tasks at a low cost can make... read more

Tips to Minimise Stress When Selling Your Property

Selling a house can be one of the most significant endeavours in life. Aside from the financial investment, there is a big emotional investment, too.  If you feel the tension mounting, take a step back and consider these tips: Go for a walk If you find yourself... read more

Eight Mouthwatering Property Locations for Bake Off Buyers

As the Great British Bakeoff kicks off its eighth season, we took the opportunity to pair food and property to cook up our latest Bake Off property pairings and which has seen higher price growth since last season. We compared property prices across Britain’s most... read more

Why Choose Online Estate Agents

Online estate agents are welcomed as a more affordable alternative to high street agents because they charge lower fees. But there is much more value than that. Today, online estate agents account for about five percent of property sales, but current trends indicate... read more

Cheap Fixes to Sell a House [infographic]

Selling a home is not easy even though property values are rising in the market and inventory is reduced. Because buyers will be looking for a well-kept house with freshly painted ceilings, walls and clean kitchen sinks and floors, you need to fix the house. There are... read more

Home Owners Insurance in the UK [infographic]

Getting covered by a home buyer’s insurance policy is very important. It will protect you from liability or unpredictable problems in the event that the sales fall through. The insurance policy will back you up and will prevent you from experiencing a big loss... read more

United Kingdom Housing Prices Forecast

Prices of houses in London and the South have declined in the years past. Home prices fell by 10.8 percent in 2015 and 3.5 percent in 2016. This year, home prices are expected to fall by a mere one percent but are expected to rise by at least two percent next year.... read more

Home Advice for Newlyweds

An important part of starting a new life as newlyweds is buying a home. Buying a home is never easy and it gets more complicated when it involves a couple.  Each party will have preferences and considerations, and some degree of conflict is often inevitable. Newlyweds... read more

How to Successfully Sell a Property

Selling your house involves far more than putting up a sign in the front yard. If you opt to work through an estate agent, you will need to contact the agent to handle the listing, paperwork, and more.  In the meantime, you can get busy preparing your home for the... read more

The Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home

People often think that spring is the best time to sell a house; however, that is not always the case.  Severe winters often extend into spring in many parts of the country, pushing the usual activity in the housing market until later in the spring season. When this... read more

Why Estate Agents Need Social Media

Online estate agents can grow their business by using social media. Social media enables agents to instantly connect with existing and potential clients as well as professional peers. The following are the advantages of social media for online estate agents: Building... read more

Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Home

The rebound in the housing market has put homeowners in a better position to sell their homes for a profit. But despite the much-vaunted rebound, selling a house is still a very challenging business. The tight market supply favors the sellers, but to maximize profits,... read more

Credit Suisse’s Digital Conference

We took a day out of the office to attend the Credit Suisse’s Digital Conference this week to watch our own Russell Quirk take the stage among a few other familiar and rather distinguished faces. The conference is held annually with four speakers discussing the... read more

Friendly Advice

Both reviews and word of mouth are timeless methods of sharing information, and are often considered the most credible way when making a decision to use a service. It goes without saying that we can trust our friends, but with the rise of technology, the internet has... read more

Top House Buying Tips [infographic]

Buying a new house, though sounds exciting, but it can also be stressful and confusing. What type of house you prefer? Would it be convenient for your family? How much is your budget? Truth is, there’s more than meets the eye. To help you, here are some house... read more

England vs Wales, Property vs Rugby

The timeless competition between England and Wales started well before their first rugby match against each other in 1881, and still persists today outside of the sporting realm. Although, let’s be serious, it’s still very much there in the sporting realm if last... read more

Simple Tips to Increase the Value of your Property

When you’re in the market to sell your home, it’s understandable that you want to get the best price possible. In order to get that extra cash, there are a few easy updates that can increase the value of a home and attract more interested viewers. Let us walk you... read more

How to Sell a Property Online

As Bob Dylan perfectly put it: “the times they are a-changin’.” Of course, they are evolving everywhere, but there are also significant changes erupting in the property industry. The traditional high street model is currently being disrupted by the online sector,... read more

The Estate Agent Gamble

Selling a home is a big decision and it is important to have a great estate agent along for the ride to facilitate the process. But in the sea of choices, how do you choose the best person for the job? We have compiled a list of tips that will help advise you during... read more

The Seasons of Selling Property

The myths surrounding what time of the year is best for selling property aren’t necessarily correct. The truth of the matter is, any season is a good time to sell depending on who is in the market for your home. Let’s look at how the season in a year play a role in... read more

Not All Online Estate Agents Are The Same

Over the past few months, the news has been filled with articles that position online estate agents in a somewhat dim, or unflattering light. The media often refer to a number of aspects to the online estate agency model as seemingly disadvantageous. Whilst this may... read more

Costs When Buying a House

Costs when buying a house Preparing to buy a property can be a daunting task, but it’s not just the cost of the property or a mortgage that buyers need to consider. Here’s a rundown of all the costs when buying a house. There are a number of additional... read more

Types of Mortgage

Types of Mortgage Getting the right mortgage can seem a mammoth task so it pays to know which types of mortgage are available before commencing your search. When considering which type of mortgage is right for you there is essentially two routes to go down –... read more

How to get a mortgage

Getting a Mortgage Buying your first home, or any home for that matter, can seem like a never ending, uphill struggle and one of the hardest parts can be securing the funding needed to take the plunge. Read on to find out how to get a mortgage that’s right for... read more

Finding a New Property

Finding a new property in this day and age really couldn’t be simpler. With the digital revolution changing the face of the estate agency sector, potential buyers can browse a plethora of properties from the comfort of their own home. The increasing popularity of... read more

How to Set Up Property Alerts

Rightmove and Zoopla do it!! The property market has been revolutionised by technological advances in recent years. As much as it has made our lives easier in the pursuit of our dream home, it also has its draw backs. One such draw back for the buyer being the speed... read more

House Viewing Tips for the Buyer

So you have found a potential property, it’s still on the market and you’ve arranged a viewing. There are a few things to consider when going to view. We’ve put together some helpful tips, when going to view a house as a buyer. Prior to Viewing Do Your Research With... read more

Negotiating and Making an Offer on a House

It can be an exciting moment when you realise you have found the property for you. But you’re not there yet, you still have to negotiate and make an offer. Finding the right balance is important and having the room to haggle either side of your budget is key. The... read more

A Guide to Conveyancing

If you’re looking to find the right conveyancer give our team a call on 0333 360 1073 and ask them about the discounted service we offer. If you want to know what conveyancing is, then read our guide to conveyancing. What is a conveyancer? Conveyancing is... read more

How to Choose A Solicitor

If you’re looking to find the right solicitor our team can help, call them on 0333 360 1073 and ask them about the discounted service we offer. Alternatively you can request a call back and one of our team will give you a call back. With the ease and cost of selling... read more

Ownership of a Property

If you’re looking to buy it is important to consider the ownership of a property and the implications this has on you buying it. There are two types of ownership of property: Freehold Leasehold Freehold Owning a property on a freehold basis is the more advantageous of... read more

Buying a property with a friend

With house prices in the UK and particularly in the nation’s capital having rocketed in recent years, many people are opting to buy with a friend just to get that first foot, or half a foot, onto the property ladder. But buying with a friend can often be awkward... read more

Buyers Guide to Moving Day

Your moving house!! The stressful process of finding your dream home is over and you have it in the bag. But there is still one more obstacle, the move itself, one of the most stressful events you are likely to face in life. But with adequate preparation you can... read more

Listing Your Property Online

By listing your property with eMoov you’re already one step ahead of the high street. The majority of high street agents have chosen to join property portal On the Market. This anti-consumer portal not only excludes online agents and holds back new properties for 24... read more

Assessing Your Property

Once you’ve signed up with your chosen package one of our local assessors will call you to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. When you have confirmed this, they will visit your property to carry out the assessment so you can get on with your sale, all... read more

Valuing Your Property

Before signing up with eMoov, why not let one of our expert valuation team cast an eye over your property. We have people dedicated to valuing properties day in day out, so they know a thing or two about the value of your home. The valuation is free of charge and can... read more

Managing Your Property Viewings

Once your property has been listed online and the viewing requests start to come, in our expert viewings team will be in touch. We take care of everything so all you have to do is confirm the viewing and show them your house. Before liaising with you we take the... read more

Managing Offers On Your Property

Receiving an offer on your property can be an exciting and daunting experience. Luckily we have an expert team of experienced negotiators to guide you through to the finish line. They’ll not only negotiate the best deal for you, but see it through to completion,... read more

How to sell your home on Zoopla

Are you asking yourself, how can I sell my home on Zoopla? Here is our guide to answer this popular property selling question. As with Rightmove the only way to list your property on Zoopla is through an estate agent. Zoopla has done a fantastic job of growing their... read more

How to sell my house online

It really couldn’t be easier to sell your house online. The eMoov team are available seven days a week and provide unrivalled customer support every step of the way. That’s why we are ranked as the number one online estate agent by independent review body,... read more

Estate Agent Fees

On average estate agents will charge you around 1.6% of your final sale price plus VAT in fees. Doesn’t sound like much but it can end up running well into the thousands once applied to a six figure sum. Although you can find an estate agent with cheaper fees, there... read more

Cheap Estate Agent Fees

As with everything it pays to shop around, the more you look the more likely it is that you will find a better deal. The less established estate agent is more likely to be cheaper, charging you less in fees to sell your home. However it is important to find a middle... read more

How to sell your house on Rightmove

Rightmove is the UK’s largest and most popular property portal so there is no better place to advertise the sale of your property. For a monthly subscription you can expose your house to the widest audience of potential buyers across the whole of Britain both on the... read more

Do I need an EPC when selling my home?

What is an EPC? What is an EPC or energy performance certificate? In short an EPC is an asset rating that tells you how energy efficient your property currently is and what sort of impact it has on the environment as a result. What type of EPC do I need? The type of... read more